Photographing Northern Lights in Banff National Park

Lake Minnewanka Scenic Dr. - Search Nearby - Added by Sassy Resuello

When you're in Alberta, there's a huge chance that you may see the Northern Lights, especially when it's active. The best photo spots for this light show would be in Banff National Park.

The Northern Lights come and go so quickly, so before heading out to chase them, be sure to research if they will be active that night. A very active storm would me that it will be easy to see the Northern Lights in the southern part of Alberta.

Lake Minnewanka is one of the best spots to take photos of this phenomenon because the position of the mountain is facing north. Leave late at night, around 11pm, and simply drive up to the lake and park on the side of the road. Then you can set up your tripod outside and continue to wait inside the car until you see the lights. It may sometimes take a few minutes to a few hours of waiting, so be sure you have everything you need (food, pillows, blankets).

Take shots every now and then. Sometimes the camera's lens can pick up colors of the night sky which tend to be invisible to the naked eye.


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