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The Best Hiking in Columbia-Shuswap B

Looking for the best hiking in Columbia-Shuswap B? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around Columbia-Shuswap B. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

Top hiking spots in and near Columbia-Shuswap B

  • Columbia-Shuswap B, British Columbia

    Hike to Miller and Eva Lakes in Mount Revelstoke NP

    9.3 mi / 587.3 ft gain
    Mount Revelstoke, located in the Columbian Range on the border of Alberta and British Columbia, is the only summit in the Canadian Rockies you can reach by car. The windy road from the Trans-Canadian highway rises about 4000 ft. offering increasingly expansive views of the valley below. The park ...
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  • Columbia-Shuswap B, British Columbia

    Hike to Broken Bridge Falls

    3.1 mi / 82 ft gain
    To get to Broken Bridge Trail head follow the switched back road of Meadows in the Sky Pkwy up through Mt Revelstoke National Park. Make sure to get a trail brochure at the park gate this will help as the directions are easier to understand while reading the map on the brochure. Make your way up ...
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  • Columbia-Shuswap, British Columbia

    Giant Cedars Boardwalk

    0.26 mi / 105 ft gain
    The Giant Cedars Boardwalk is a great spot to stop along the Trans Canada Highway #1 and enjoy a short boardwalk trail through giant Cedars, some over 500 years old.   The trail has some steps, but several benches along the way making it great for anyone. It's like a stroll through a forest in a...
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  • Revelstoke, British Columbia

    Heli-Hike Ghost Peak

    2 mi / 800 ft gain
    Typically a very popular place for heli-skiing in the winter months, Ghost Peak and the surrounding area offer some epic alpine hiking opportunities! Various routes are available from the ridge connecting Ghost Peak with Mount Cartier. The basin between the peaks, Ghost Peak Basin, is strewn with...
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  • Columbia-Shuswap B, British Columbia

    Explore Begbie Falls

    1.9 mi / 82 ft gain
    This short trail leads down to a fantastic viewpoint overlooking the falls. Additionally the trail leads to a beach at the mouth of Begbie Creek. Just above the beach there is a tent pad, picnic table and fire pit for camping.  Follow highway 23 south of Revelstoke and turn right on Mt Begbie Rd....
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  • Rogers Pass, British Columbia

    Camp at Hermit Meadows

    4 mi / 2559.1 ft gain
    The trail head is located between the Rogers Pass Discovery Center and the Tupper. It's a good idea to head into the Discovery Center first and book the campsites as they do require pre-booking to use, and the fines can be steep. Campfires are banned at this campsite as it is a fragile alpine eco...
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