Backpack to Cascades Camp on the Monkman Memorial Pass Trail

Tumbler Ridge Visitor Center

This multi day hike into the secluded backcountry of Northern British Columbia, to a series of 10 consecutive water falls, is a unique experience. You will be camping alongside a pool of water plummeting over a flat quartzite rock face into yet another pool. Along with many other extraordinary waterfalls to explore.

Please stop at the Tumbler Ridge visitor's info center to receive appropriate updates on the Monkman Memorial Pass Trail. Please be advised there is limited cell phone reception south of Tumbler Ridge and there is no cell phone reception on the trail. There is an abundance of wildlife in this secluded park, so please be bear aware.

This forested hike begins 64 Kilometers south of Tumbler Ridge. To reach the trail head drive along Heritage Hwy 52 South of Tumbler Ridge for 12.8 kilometers, until you reach the Murray River Forest Rd. Follow the Murray River Forest Rd. for approximately 50 Kilometers and you will reach the Monkman Provincial Park camp ground. The Murray River Forest Rd. is a bumpy gravel road you can expect slower travel speeds down this road.

You can also view Kinuseo Falls with a short detour before you reach the Provincial Camp ground.

The Monkman Memorial Pass trail head begins within the camp ground, and follows the clear blue Murray River. Approximately 7 kilometers down the trail there is a unique bridge that crosses the river. After crossing the river you will reach the 1st camp site situated along side the gorgeous river. There are bear caches at each camp site.

The 2nd camp named Trot Camp is at approximately Kilometer 14 along the trail. Before dropping down to Trot Camp you will hike along a forested ridge, which opens up to a view of Castle Mountain and the forested Monkman Creek valley.

Between the Murray River Camp and Trot Camp water sources were limited for us. We hiked this trail in the fall and Trot Camp still had a very small spring running next to it.

The Cascades camp is the 3rd camp at approximately kilometer 22. There is a 4th camp near the cascades camp where Devils Creek meets the river.

Before you reach the camps there is a detour off to the right of the trail which leads you down a steep slope to view one of the raging water falls. You can also see the top of another from this point. There are numerous waterfalls plummeting in succession that make up the Cascades. You can view the rest of these water falls from various side trails.

Once you reach the Cascades camp, along side Brooks Falls, there are plenty of exploring and scenic photography prospects. Give yourself lots of time to relax and experience the wonders of these magnificent back country waterfalls.

This hike can be continued further up the trail to Monkman Lake. You can customize this hike to your goals or capabilities. If you wish to camp at each camp site this could be an 8 day hike. We did this hike in 4 days, but didn't reach Monkman Lake Camp. We spent the night at Trot Camp 14km day one, The Cascades Camp 8km day two, again at Trot Camp 8km day three, back to the truck 14km day four.

There are varied kilometer signs and brief direction signage along the trail as well.

Please be properly conditioned and experienced for the lengths and isolation of this hike

I would advise doing further research on this trail and acquiring the appropriate maps. You can contact the Tumbler Ridge Visitors Center for more information on this hike. Please be respectful of the back country, and use proper outdoor etiquette.

Be safe and explore what our Northern Landscape has to offer!

Pack List

  • GPS/Maps/Compass/S.P.O.T
  • GPS Trail Map
  • Park Map
  • Monkman Memorial Pass Trail Route Brochure
  • First Aid Kit
  • Bear Deterrent
  • Water Filtration & Water Bottle
  • Adequate Amount of Food
  • Backpacking Stove & Extra Fuel
  • Toiletries & Hygiene Products
  • Tent/Shelter
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Water Proof Outerwear
  • Appropriate Hiking Apparel
  • Comfortable Waterproof Hiking Footwear (Wont leave Blisters)
  • Sharp Knife
  • Camera

Any other multiday backpacking essentials needed for emergencies or numerous days in the isolated backcountry. Remember, the weather can change rapidly in the mountains.

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RT Distance 27.3 Miles
Elevation Gain 1500 Feet
Activities Camping, Photography, Backpacking, Hiking
Skill Level Advanced
Season Summer
Trail Type Out-and-Back


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Lengthy Trek With Rewarding Views

With a large portion of the hike through dense forests the reward of reaching the many falls and Monkman lake is that much sweeter! Our group camped at Shire falls which I would definitely recommend as the site provides an excellent view of the falls. Monkman lake also had very scenic sites.

Please respect the places you find on The Outbound Collective.

Always practice Leave No Trace ethics on your adventures. Be aware of local regulations and don't damage these amazing places for the sake of a photograph. Learn More

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