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A random dude wandering around with a camera

This trail is no secret but it has to be the most scenic hike I've ever done. Popular for a reason

Kind of a nice short set of trails tucked away by the foothills. Cool spot

One of the best difficulty-to-view-quality ratios in the area. Nice short hike, cool view at the top.

Photograph at sunrise or sunset if possible.

Tent sites are crammed together but it's an epic view for sure.

Kind of a nice little hike. Definitely not as crowded as the Cathedral Rock trail itself.

This is a cool lake to hike to, or to stop at on the way to Black Lake or one of the other awesome lakes in the area.

The Loch is always a fun hike. Definitely consider hiking around the right side of the lake and checking out either Andrews Canyon or Timberline Falls with Sky Pond beyond.

This is a really scenic area. Still definitely a popular spot, but the further away you get from bear lake, the smaller the crowds will be.

This is actually a really fun hike. It will take some effort to get there from Bear Lake but definitely worth it.

Always loved this hike. If the light is good, try scrambling to the left a short distance for some photography when you get to Timberline Falls.

This is a really scenic spot. It's a really cool area and I'm always surprised there aren't more people here. Also consider exploring the area further west or go up to Lake Odessa nearby.

Really interesting area with a nice trail. This is a an awsome spot for people to go for a quick hike who don't want to spend a lot of time driving to/from Loveland.

Really good spot for the evening in RMNP. This and a few other spots on Trail Ridge Rd are really great for watching sunsets.

This is a cool spot where things won't be quite as crowded as Bear Lake. Also consider going to Dream Lake which is a great spot for photography when the light is good.

Absolutely loved this loop. Great way to spend a day.

I had the opportunity to do a 6-day trip on the river and it was amazing. It's awesome to see the GC from a different perspective and white water rafting is a blast.

This is a pretty scenic starting point for a lot of hikes in RMNP. Consider arriving early to avoid the crowds.

This is really a scenic spot on the way to other destinations for most hikers. Pretty crowded but still always cool.

This is a cool drive to take in the evening, with a number of cool overlooks and cool photography spots.

This is definitely a popular hike but wasn't too overcrowded, at least in January.

Definitely a nice short hike for a good view of Phoenix. Very very crowded.

Definitely a crowded area but great scenery

Awesome drive. Go in the evening or morning with a camera