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6 Miles Round Trip - Out-and-Back Trail

Thomas H. Kuchel Visitor Center - Search Nearby - Added by Austin Trigg

This backpacking trip allows you to explore some of the tallest trees in the world, get amazing starlit view, and potentially run into Sasquatch...he's out there, somewhere.

Day 1: Check with the Rangers station before heading up for best camping opportunities. Assuming you've checked with the rangers for approval...if there are openings, off of the main road, there are side streets with access to the beaches. Pull into one of these areas and drive down as far as you can – this may involve squeezing your car through spaces between boulders. If you find such a spot, congratulations! Camp where the river meets with the ocean, and you will be a light, 10-15 minute walk from camp. If this isn't feasible, as Joshua notes in the review, there is plenty of dispersed camping available along the route to Tall Trees Grove. Either way, bring water with you.

Day 2: Head for Tall Trees Grove in the ancient forest (1.4 miles, 800-1,000 ft descent). First stop at the Thomas H. Kuchel visitors' center to obtain a permit and a gate code to access the dirt road. The road to the Tall Trees Trailhead is narrow and unpaved, and takes roughly 45 minutes. The small parking lot does not accommodate RVs or trailers, and there are bathrooms at the trailhead.

The loop to the groves is 0.5 miles long, but can consume a couple hours...easily. Stop to look around in amazement, go for a creek swim – take your time.

If you are camping overnight on the gravel bars on Redwood Creek, you will be required to walk 15 minutes (half mile) down the creek to camp off-site. This is a great place for night photography, since you are far away from strong light pollution.

Day 3: Start out by wading up Redwood Creek – water shoes are recommended. After 1.7 of admiring the creek, you will come to Emerald Ridge Trailhead. The trailhead is not very noticeable, but you will eventually see the sign to your left.

There are many campsites set up along the creek where you can spend the night. If you have time to spend, set up camp then continue further up the creek, then float all the way back down to camp. This is nature's best lazy river, and a hell of a way to see the redwoods. You can also hike Emerald Ridge Trail to view some more redwoods, then head back to camp for the night.

Day 4: Hike 0.9 miles on the Emerald Ridge Trail back to the parking lot, and say goodbye to the redwoods.

Please help protect these areas and practice Leave No Trace ethics. Put out and cover fires, help pick up trash, and make it look like you were never there. Poop 200-300 feet away from water and bury it. If we all do our part to make it better than when we arrived, it will be a better place down the road for the next crew!

Key Coordinates:

  • The Redwood Creek: 41.2992260, -124.0337130
  • Tall Trees Grove: 41.2081300, -123.9930940
  • Beach Camping Area: 41.174714, -124.102471


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6 Miles
Out-and-Back Trail

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Stunning park!

Firstly, your photography is excellent. Just a couple of notes: an alternate route for this is a 16 mile out and back along Redwood Creek to Tall Trees Grove. There is plenty of dispersed camping available. Lastly, please do not encourage people to just go "find a camp site." A lot of that land is privately owned, and for the parts that aren't, there is a reason you can't camp there, be it nesting snowy plovers or threat of tsunami. Rangers ticket people because they want to concentrate resource impact to a few key locations. Aside from that, excellent adventure!