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Brittany Weber

Ranger. Hiker. Biker. Dirtbag Climber. Cyclist. Musician. Rebel. All-around Wild Woman. Basking in moonlight and howling often. Nothing can stop me now.

Honestly, Glacier Bay is probably my favorite national park site I have ever visited. It's one of those places that's still so pristine it gives you the feeling that you're the first to explore it. It puts the wilderness first, as it should be.

Camping at Glacier Bay in the off-season is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I fell in love with Glacier Bay and will definitely be back soon! This park is the epitome of a true Alaskan experience.

This is a gorgeous hike and I highly recommend it for anyone in the Cortez or greater four corners region. You don't have to do the entire 6.5 (or 13 miles) to see some ruins if that's what you're after. Just start at the lower trailhead and go in about 3 miles and you will have seen most of them at that point. I do recommend completing the hike though - those red canyon walls streaked with juniper and pinyon are definitely something worth working for.

One of the best day hikes I've ever done - the views can't be beat and the trail is easy to follow. It helps that I had some pretty incredible weather and the leaves had already changed too! Nothing beats autumn in the mountains.

I've hiked this trail a couple of times thanks to my job, and every time it gets better and better. If you ask a ranger before you leave the Visitor Center they can supply you with a map and point out places where petroglyphs have been carved into the sandstone walls of the canyons - but only if you ask about them! Some of my favorites are on the Kachina Bridge. :)

When I camped here it was one day before the first big snow storm hit and it was absolutely breathtaking, even with the cold and the wind. The leaves all had turned and everywhere you looked was an explosion of color. If you're looking for a nice campground, this is it, especially in the fall.

Wolves are my favorite animal and to experience a place that has allowed me to get closer to them yet still respect their wild nature and boundaries was truly a dream come true. The staff are all super friendly and helpful, the campground is great, and the work they're doing is incredible. If you're ever in the area pop in and take a tour - I promise you won't regret it!

I absolutely love this spot, no matter the season or the day. I was a part of a crew who had to do "trail" maintenance out here last summer in order to combat some of the impacts from the increase in visitation , but each of us can do our part in preserving special places like these for generations to come! Definitely ask a ranger for directions to False Kiva by name as we have the most up-to-date and often the safest routes for you to take. And try not to step on that bumpy lumpy soil called cryptobiotic soil - it's the reason the desert is alive. :)

Dark skies, forests for miles, and nothing but nature for days. What's not to love?

Of all the places I've been, Hovenweep is one of my favorites. Nothing beats the solitude you find here along with the beauty and sense of wonder that the backdrop provides no matter if you're out hiking the trails or relaxing in the campground. This is just one of those places you have to experience for yourself.