Brittany Rouille

Great waves and beautiful vibrant coast!

We love spending a day here and especially a sunset. The vibe is great!

Our Favorite Hike around LA!

This is a must do hike for anyone in LA. We frequently take our visitors from out of town here. Great description of the hike and area! Also, Yerba Bueno Rd turns off the PCH at Neptune's Net a great surfer/biker stop for over the counter seafood and a cooler packed with cold drinks.

Fun for the Caves

Depending on the tide, you can go in the caves and walk right through them to the other side. They are located in the large rocks n the water out from the shore. A beautiful place to go during the weekdays when it's less crowded. A very good chance you will see a professional photo shoot going on

Look for the Rope Swing!

A nice simple hike that is greatly shaded. Look for the rope swing along the trail on the right side. If your'e lucky you may even get the guy playing his guitar in the canyon. It's a beautiful sound as it echoes all around you.

Start from Blackwoods Campground

A terrific way to experience Cadillac Mountain, "The Crown Jewel of the Park" is to hike up from Blackwoods Campground. In the summer time you need to reserve a spot in advance. Also check out the Beehive hike in Acadia for a more extreme hike that has you hanging and pulling yourself up from monkey bars. See more at

One incredible place to climb and explore

Ask a local or someone who is familiar about the Chasm of Dume!

Hiking along this rainforest trail is unforgettable

Give yourself at least 4 hours to do the hike no matter what your fitness level, especially if you decide to add the side hike to the lagoon (which you totally should). Bring a lot of water, there is no where to refill along the way. Stop at the Observatory restaurant for lunch, dinner or a sunset drink – this spot offers one of the best and closest views of Arenal. See more from our experience at

Bring water and stop at the ski lift at the top

The bald top of the mountain is so cool; it feels like you're on the moon! Summer weekends tend to get pretty busy along this hike. Be sure to bring lots of water in the summer. When we were here, Search and Rescue was out looking for someone who became delirious and wondered from the trail; they spent the night lost in the woods. However, the trail is worn and marked quite well, just bring water. Devil's Backbone is a really incredible ridge with sweeping views of the surrounding area. The ski lodge at the top is a cool place to grab a brew and take a rest from the elements. Oh, yah, wear a hat. They don't call it baldy for nothing. See more pictures and info from our experience at

Go Bungee Jumping Here

It's on BIG Adventure. First, you navigate the winding road to get here, then it's a 5 mile one way in and out trek along the East Fork Trail, and finished with an epic view from the bridge looking 90 feet below into the gorge. It's unbelievable to see such a beautiful bridge going "No Where" into the side of a mountain. Read the full details about our experience here -

A beautiful and remote gem that feels a million miles from LA

We visited this beautiful harbor in 2012. This little village feels like you went back twenty years in time. It's a great place for looking for serenity and R&R. There is a quaint village that has an extremely laid back feel. Walk the strip of land over to the western side of the island and you may encounter buffalo along the road. We met up with friends from USC in the marine department, as they have a large lab on the edge of the harbor.