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Should we ever stop pushing our limitations?

I captured this photo of @adrenaline.addiction not to inspire people to do handstands at the edge of a cliff, but to get people to chase their wildest dreams

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When you look at this photo I get it, your heart is probably already pounding at the talented @adrenaline.addiction, balancing on his head at the very edge of a cliff thousands of feet above Yosemite Valley.  Yet, what am I trying to capture for the audience? Do I want you all to do handstands at the edge of a cliff? certainly not; far from it in fact.  Instead I captured Chase's courage and skill to inspire you to chase your wildest dream.  I am using this scary and impressive stunt to talk about life. Maybe there is something urging at your heart? The desire to travel to Yellowstone to see the animals but work always gets in the way? Maybe, you hate your current job, yet you accept it because it pays the bills.  This life we know could be over in a heartbeat, so why settle for a life of mediocrity. Chase your wildest dream! Live life with passion.  You won't regret it.  Your happiness is what matters!

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