Brett Boulter

Rugged Beauty

This hike is a rugged canyon adventure, but still very approachable for all skill levels. Get started early as the summer months approach as there is very little shade. While the hike is easy relatively speaking the trail is full of loose rocks and small boulders that add some spicy elements to the trek. This one is a beauty! The way down is just as gorgeous as the way up!

Easy Ascent

This was a great hike with a gentle grade that has a few old mining ruins to explore. The whistle from the Georgetown loop railroad added to the fun factor of this hike. You are never too far from I-70 so a backcountry adventure this is not. But if you are looking for a fun hike full of features and that is close to get to this is the one!

over 3 years ago

Serenely Beautiful

I have now hiked this in both summer and winter. There is a trail to follow in the summer and in the winter there is a bit of route finding towards the top. But that's the fun part! Blaze your own trail and see where it leads you. Serene and beautiful! Well worth the effort!