Brendon Graf

Ok Day Trip

Definitely worth doing but the hike is fairly uneventful and the views are not nearly as good as you would expect. Check out the lava tunnels while you’re there.

Done In Summer

We did this track in summer. Beautiful views from the saddle over the alps. Not too challenging to get to summit as long as you’re in reasonable shape.

Nice Afternoon

Good way to spend a relaxed half day

Great Slab Climbing

Good mix of grades on nice rock. Pretty much all slab climbing.


Great for bouldering but if you’re planning on sport climbing, bring hangers as most bolts are ‘carrot bolts’

Overnight Bivvy On Wakefield

We bivvied overnight just below the first unmarked summit and came down the following morning. Made for a great sunset. There are definitely some exposed sections of ridge and lots of loose rock so you need to be comfortable with that. The good thing is this climb/hike gradually gets harder and if you find yourself getting out of your comfort zone, just turn back!


Easy walk, a little steep stairs.Definitely worth checking out