I am a Father, Photographer, Adventurer, and World Explorer (26 countries and counting). I'm from the Bay Area but I'm currently living outside of Richmond, Virginia.

Photograph Moormans River Overlook

83 Saves

Camp at Blackwater Falls State Park

205 Saves

Photograph 20 Minute Cliff Overlook

81 Saves

Photograph Lake Tahoe’s Inspiration Point

120 Saves

Hike Cedar Run Falls Trail

213 Saves

Photograph Charlottesville Reservoir

86 Saves

Photograph Sugarland Overlook

27 Saves

Three Falls Hike

64 Saves

Hike South River Falls

192 Saves

Photograph Pinnacles Overlook

72 Saves

Photograph The Point Overlook

39 Saves

Hike Table Rock

145 Saves

Hike Frazier Discovery Trail

194 Saves

Hike Beauty Mountain Trail

91 Saves

Photograph Devils Knob Overlook

144 Saves

Hike the Shenandoah River State Park Loop

116 Saves

Hike Wilburn Ridge

55 Saves

Hike Big Meadows

73 Saves

Photograph Hazel Mountain Overlook

120 Saves

Photograph Range View Overlook

79 Saves

Photograph Dana Fork

19 Saves

Photograph Buck Hollow Overlook

121 Saves

Camp at Babcock State Park

50 Saves

Photograph Brown Mountain Overlook

33 Saves

Hike Twin Pinnacles Via Big Pinnacles Trail

26 Saves

Photograph Spilter Knoll Overlook

9 Saves

Photograph Bodie Island Lighthouse

80 Saves

Hike Betty's Rock

81 Saves

Photographing Bearfence Mountain

9 Saves

Photographing Blackrock Summit

7 Saves

Photograph Chimney Rock Mountain Overlook

1 Saves