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Blake Rouse

Teenage outdoor enthusiast! Chacos, GoPro, Eno, Skiing, Climbing, Bouldering, Hiking, Backpacking, Camping, Mountain Biking, the Lake, and Exploring! The Blue Ridge Mountains are home, Utah is vacation.

FYI- the access to the top is locked with a padlock. Still great views but only from the top of the stairs

The hike is fun and has beautiful views, however it is on a gravel road as mentioned. Cows are all over the place and make the experience all the more interesting. At the top are wild flowers, amazing views, and the fire tower. Unfortunately you aren't able to climb up the fire tower as it is locked at the bottom and is guarded by a rabid dog. Don't worry about the dog though he is locked up in his cage and can't harm you. Haha. I still recommend this short adventure to all!

A great day hike with amazing views. It is, however, crowded along the trail and at the summit.

Making a a trip from SC out to Utah to hit up some places. Is a 4-Wheel drive car needed to get down Hole in the Rock Road? We are deciding between an all wheel drive Subaru and a 4-wheel drive jeep for our rental car. Will a Subaru get enough clearance?