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Blake Batchelor

Proof that living in Oklahoma isn't boring! 29, attorney, based in OKC. Adventure photography is my favorite. Local Crag = the Wichita Mountains.

Definitely not a beginner hike. Not kid-friendly or dog-friendly. There are cliffs, slick spots, and a fixed-roped section that is washed out. It is remote and route-finding can be confusing, esp. near the beginning. That being said, this is one of Arkansas' best hikes. Yes kids and dogs have made it up to the Eye, but be aware this is rated Class III. It is never recommended to use a rope that was set by somebody on a previous date because you don't know the condition of the rope or the experience of the setter (but most people do use the rope that is set up).

I can't wait to go back and spend more time here. It's almost a shame to see Coyote Gulch on magazine covers. The secret is out!

Ditch the backpack and run it in a day!

I hope they keep the roads rough because this place is still a hidden gem!

It can get pretty crowded, especially when everyone's getting off work. But that's because Bluff is awesome!! I broke my foot really bad here years ago....

At 9.5 miles around, it's the perfect distance to train up to for bigger runs and bikes!! Such a great running/biking area for okc!

Short and to-the-point, but soooo unique!!! This place kicked off my photography itch.