You Haven't Practiced Yoga Until You've Practiced Yoga at Havasu Falls

The best setting for yoga? Sunrise at the base of Havasu Falls, of course!

July 16, 2016

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I have camped at the Havasupai Campground a half dozen times in the recent past and have been able to explore this gorgeous oasis within the Grand Canyon thoroughly. Although the waterfalls are grand, and the canyon walls are even more magnificent, there is something uniquely calming and idyllic about practicing yoga at sunrise at the base of Havasu Falls. The combination of sun rays during a sun salutation with mist from Havasu Falls periodically gracing your body provides a uniquely calming and centering experience. 

If you have opportunity to visit Havasupai, think about bringing along a yoga instructor friend or an experienced yoga practitioner; you won't regret getting up at sunrise to practice with them! Fortunately, the ground at the base of the falls is a bit sandy and not rocky in the slightest; bring your towel along as a yoga mat.

Following yoga, head back to the campground for breakfast and your day ahead - whether hiking through the canyon and exploring more waterfalls and cascades, or just chillin' by Havasu Falls.

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