James HueserExplorer

Some call me the Jerry Macguire of the outdoors. The places special to me should be special to everyone. It is not my intention to hoard the best views around me. It's my responsibility to invite everyone to join, and give them every opportunity to do so.

Snowshoe the Kent Ridge North Outlier

3.7 mi / 2395 ft gain

Snowshoe up Crystal Ridge

4.3 mi / 2099.7 ft gain

Backpack to Carnarvon Lake

13.2 mi / 1706 ft gain

Snowshoe to Old Goat Glacier

6.2 mi / 2296.6 ft gain

Icewalk in Grotto Canyon


Scramble up Mount Niblock

9.3 mi / 4068.2 ft gain

Exploring the Allen Bill Day Use Area

Backpack Northover Ridge

Scramble Up Mount Baldy