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James HueserExplorer

Some call me the Jerry Macguire of the outdoors. The places special to me should be special to everyone. It is not my intention to hoard the best views around me. It's my responsibility to invite everyone to join, and give them every opportunity to do so.

Snowshoe to Midnight Peak

Turner Valley, Alberta

7.5 mi / 3120 ft gain

Hike Spencer Creek

Kananaskis, Alberta

2.5 mi / 1968.5 ft gain

Scramble up to Wasootch Peak

Turner Valley, Alberta

Hike up Galatea Creek to Lillian Lake

Kananaskis, Alberta

Scramble Geitafellstindur and Photograph Hoffellsjökull

Hoffellsjökull, Iceland

9.3 mi / 3248 ft gain

Snowshoe up Gypsum Ridge

Kananaskis, Alberta

3.7 mi / 1378 ft gain

Hike up Windtower Mountain

Kananaskis, Alberta

6.2 mi / 3182.4 ft gain

Mount Lady Macdonald Scramble in Winter

Canmore, Alberta


Hike Mount Drápuhlíðarfjall

Snæfellsnesvegur, Iceland

3.7 mi / 1640.4 ft gain

Cross-Country Ski and Scramble to Oldforgetmenot for Sunrise

Bragg Creek, Alberta

9.9 mi / 2395 ft gain

Scramble the North Summit of Mount Yukness

Field, British Columbia

6.5 mi / 2690.3 ft gain

Snowshoe up Crystal Ridge

Improvement District No. 9, Alberta

4.3 mi / 2099.7 ft gain

Hike Súlur

Súluvegur, Iceland

9.3 mi / 3116.8 ft gain

Hike Old Baldy Ridge

Kananaskis, Alberta

9.3 mi / 2952.8 ft gain

Snowshoe the Kent Ridge North Outlier

Kananaskis, Alberta

3.7 mi / 2395 ft gain

Hike Alberta's Grizzly Peak

Kananaskis, Alberta


Carnarvon Lake Trail

Longview, Alberta

12.9 mi / 2221 ft gain

Hike Mount Indefatigable

Kananaskis, Alberta


Scramble Mount Rae

Kananaskis, Alberta


Hike to Little Arethusa

Kananaskis, Alberta

2.8 mi / 2034.1 ft gain

Snowshoe Mount Tyrwhitt

Kananaskis, Alberta

5.6 mi / 2132.5 ft gain

Scramble Kristínartindar

Skaftafellsvegur, Iceland

11.2 mi / 3412.1 ft gain

Snowshoe to Rummel Lake and Pass

Kananaskis, Alberta

7.5 mi / 2000 ft gain

Explore Dynjandi

Dynjandi Walking Trail, Iceland