Aspen C


We did this mid-April and the water was freezing so be sure to pack the right footwear if you can. The journey to the first ladder was super busy but if you climb up that and over the first little waterfall there's basically no one up there and it's even more beautiful. I didn't make it to the second ladder but we're going to go back without our pups to check it out.

Natural Pools

Very cool pools. We went at the end of March during the week and it wasn't too crowded. There's a donation box at the entrance but if you don't have any cash maybe take a grocery bag and pick up some trash there's no trash can there so it looks like a lot of people have decided that anywhere is fine. 😒 Don't forget goggles!

Awesome Adventure

We camped in one of the caves and hiked around for a while. There's more than meets the eye there so be sure to explore and don't forget a head lamp!

Neat But Pricey

This was a super awesome stop on our desert trip in Utah. It definitely puts the fun in funky. Everyone we met there was laid back and welcoming. Don't be dissuaded by the bad reviews online. They've been redoing some of the buses and bathrooms are old but clean. My only gripe is how expensive it was $16 to soak and $33/person (not tent) to camp but that price does include hot springs entry.