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Santa Clara's outdoor club Into the Wild took a group of 19 participants to the Grand Canyon for spring break.

Day 1: Drive to trailhead & hike inWoke up: 6:30am --- everybody repacks to include group gearWe did breakfast at Starbucks to save people from the impending 3 days of oatmeal, hit the highway by 8:30amMAKE SURE EVERYONE HYDRATES! There is no water at the trailhead. Make sure all bottles/camelbacks are FILLED before heading into the canyon. You can fill up waters at Supai, about 8 miles into the hike.~2 hour drive to hilltop from the Kingman KOA (says 3.5hrs on Google Maps, not that long…)CRUCIAL: halfway through this drive there is a difficult turn off, shortly after Peach Springs. YOU LOSE SERVICE SHORTLY AFTER LEAVING THE KOA! Definitely caravan w/ person who has taken the turn before in front if possible.

Day 2: Day hike to Beaver FallsOkay to sleep in a little this day! Wake up 8:30amBring lots of blister repairWater shoes not necessary this dayFollow trail away from villageBring yo camera because this place is a beaut!Mooney Chains and Ladders!! Take your time, over all not bad. A few minor river crossings, most have logs/ladders, you could do it without water shoes, but bring them anyways for the falls at Beaver. It is helpful to have a few kids stand in the water to help balance the kids on the some of the shaky logs or steps, but not necessary. Hike approx: ~3.5mi each way (1.5-2hrs or so each)

Day 3: Day Hike to Colorado River~8 miles each wayWake up 7am, depart by 8:30am at the latestBring at least 2 filtersEveryone bring headlightsYou will pass Beaver Falls on the wayWATER SHOES SAVE LIVES PEOPLE, would recommend wearing boots on Mooney, very slick towards the bottom. Good to change into water shoes shortly after Beaver at first river crossing (pretty clear when this is…), can wear them for the remaining duration of the hike (~4mi)Leave confluence by 2:30pm to ensure everyone gets up Mooney in the daylight.Same direction as Beaver, you diverge afterwards. It is a pretty scrambly hike to Beaver, so have good shoes. Once you get passed Beaver it is pretty flat, everyone more or less hiked in water shoes. We did 6ish water crossings (each way), none were bad, mid thigh at highest. Having everyone in water shoes after Beaver really helped with time. Current can be a bit strong but manageable. Don’t swim in the Colorado, super cold and way too strong. We saw mountain goats on the way to the confluence. BRING WATER FILTERS! It is super helpful to be able to fill up water bottles at the confluence. No one knows exactly how long this hike is, but we think it is ~8mi each way (4.5hrs there, 3.5 on the way back). BE WARY OF THE TIME!! Have people bring headlights in case you get caught in the dark!

Day 4: Hike outWoke up: 7am, departed as soon as possible...we left at 9am.Divide gear of injured peopleThe last hill is tough, make sure to provide an extra 30mins or so for it. Takes 5ish hours out. There is no water at the top, so you can either buy drinks or try to conserve a bit. Have everyone chug water that morning and on the way to Supai, can refill there. There are also bathrooms at Supai and on the top of the canyon once you hike out.Will not have service until WilliamsDinner in Williams.. The pizza factory is pretty good.One trip leader picked up pie for breakfast at the rim the next morning! Winning!

Havasupai CanyonAverage March High: 67Average March Low: 37We seemed to have good temperatures, in the low 70s during the day, and not getting below 45-50 at night.

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