The Best Outdoor Activities in Arizona

Discover the best hiking, camping, backpacking, fitness, and more.

Backpack to Havasu Falls in the Havasupai Reservation

Arizona / Hualapai Hilltop Trailhead

The Havasupai Reservation is a remote area just outside Grand Canyon National Park, full of blue-green water and dramatic waterfalls.

Jason Hatfield
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Backpack the Grand Canyon: Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim

Arizona / North Kaibab Trail, Grand Canyon NP

Start at the North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park at the North Kaibab Trail.

Rob Witt
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Hike to Horseshoe Bend

Arizona / Horseshoe Bend Trailhead

Horseshoe Bend in Page, Arizona is classic bucket list material and for good reason. Even if they don’t know what it’s called or where it is, everyone has seen this famous spot somewhere.

Tiffany Nguyen
1073 Saves

Cliff Jump At Fossil Creek Falls

Arizona / Fossil Creek Waterfall Trailhead

The journey is definitely worth it! Don't let the description discourage you from visiting here.

Dane Nilsson
1059 Saves

Photograph Antelope Canyon

Arizona / Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon is the most-visited and most-photographed slot canyon in the American Southwest. It is located on Navajo land near Page, Arizona, and requires you to book a tour guide.

Mark Handy
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Hike to Beaver Falls

Arizona / Havasu Campground

So you've made it down to the Havasu campground after a ten mile hike from Hualapai Hilltop - time for more hiking! The 8 mile (RT) trek to Beaver Falls is well worth the trip, and can offer some qui.

Hike to the Confluence of the Colorado River and Havasu Creek

Arizona / Havasupai Trail, Grand Canyon

Hike: Starting from the Havasupai campgrounds, which is a 10 mile hike in itself from Hualapai Hilltop, the trail goes past Mooney Falls to Beaver Creek for 4 miles.

Brendon Kahn
649 Saves

Hiking Cathedral Rock

Arizona / Cathedral Rock Trailhead

Cathedral Rock is one of the most popular landmarks in Arizona. This amazing rock formation is located in Sedona, Arizona. The hike is steep and requires a bit of climbing in some spots. The 1.

Justin Ritucci
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Hike to Devil's Bridge

Arizona / Devil's Bridge Parking

The Devil's Bridge is the largest natural sandstone arch in Sedona and an iconic landmark. If you're visiting the area, this hike is a must do.

Will Cebron
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Hike Echo Canyon on Camelback Mountain

Arizona / Echo Canyon Trailhead

If you live near or around Phoenix, you know that Camelback Mountain is pretty hard to miss. Due to the mountain's height, this hike isn't exactly what you would call easy.

Tiffany Lachner
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Hike Siphon Draw to Flatiron Summit

Arizona / Siphon Draw Trailhead

Flatiron is one of the most popular day hikes in the Superstition Wilderness, just outside of Phoenix, AZ. The hike begins at Lost Dutchman State Park in Apache Junction.

Kevin Kaminski
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Hike Piestewa Peak

Arizona / Piestewa Peak TH

Piestewa Peak, formerly known as Squaw Peak and conveniently located in the heart of the Phoenix metropolitan area, is a relatively short hike that yields impressive views of the city and is a perfec.

Kevin Kaminski
484 Saves

Hike Up Camelback Mountain via Cholla Trail

Arizona / Cholla Trail

This challenging hike up the east side of Camelback Mountain has beautiful views of Phoenix and Scottsdale, and is not often crowded.

Kevin Kaminski
472 Saves

Hike to Cibecue Falls

Arizona / Cibecue Creek Falls Trailhead

It is a bumpy ride down an old dirt road to get to the trailhead.  Use extreme caution on this road as there are very narrow sections with sheer cliffs.

Matt Yanchek
468 Saves

Hike Tom's Thumb

Arizona / Toms Thumb Trailhead

Tom’s Thumb is a super fun, popular hike in the Scottsdale McDowell Mountain Sonoran Preserve.

Kevin Kaminski
464 Saves

Hike to Mooney Falls

Arizona / Havasupai Campground

Hiking down to Mooney Falls is a great, short adventure when camping at the Havasupai Campground.

Jeremy Meek
448 Saves

Hike the Bell Rock Trail

Arizona / Bell Rock Trail

The Bell Rock Trail in Sedona is a relatively easy hike with a majestic reward. It is a well maintained trail that with plenty of views to keep your eyes happy.

Kathleen Buenviaje
444 Saves

Car Camp the Mogollon Rim

Arizona / Mogollon Rim Campground

The Mogollon Rim is part of the Colorado Plateau in eastern Arizona above Payson. The rim stretches across the Coconino National Forest and at some parts drops off nearly 2,000ft.

Ethan Fichtner
440 Saves

Hike Plateau Point via Bright Angel Trail

Arizona / Bright Angel Trailhead

Start off at Bright Angel Trailhead, then hike down into the Grand Canyon on one of the higher-quality trails. Hiking down to Plateau Point (furthest option) is well worth it.

John Stambaugh
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Camp at Lost Dutchman State Park

Arizona / Lost Dutchman SP Entrance

Lost Dutchman State Park is located near the Superstition Mountains in central Phoenix, about 40 miles from Phoenix.

Kevin Kaminski
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Hike to Humphreys Peak Summit

Arizona / Inner Basin Trail

If you think you might only get one chance to hike Humphreys Peak in your life, I recommend this hike so that you can have a unique view experience of the east and west sides of the Peaks.

Sri Gangam
401 Saves

Hike to 'The Crack' at Wet Beaver Creek

Arizona / Bell Trailhead

'The Crack' is a cliff jumper's dream, but it also offers something for everyone, with smooth rocks for sunbathing and shallow waters for wading. To get to The Crack, it's about a 3.

Hike Pinnacle Peak

Arizona / Pinnacle Peak Park Main Trail

Pinnacle Peak is a 3.5 mile out-and-back hike along a beautifully groomed trail with a moderate gain of ~1300ft.

Kevin Kaminski
390 Saves

Hike Coal Mine Canyon

Arizona / Coal Mine Canyon

Coal Mine Canyon is a remote gem of the southwest that borders the Hopi and Navajo Indian Reservation.

Kevin Kaminski
390 Saves

Hike to and Swim at the Bull Pen, AZ

Arizona / Bull Pen Road - West Clear Creek

This trail starts at the end of Bullpen Rd and your adventure begins in beautiful thickets of trees and plants.

Aaron Maltby
390 Saves

Hike to Seven Falls

Arizona / Sabino Canyon Trailhead

At the main parking lot of Sabino Canyon, there are a few different trams you can take to nearby trailheads.

Danny McGee
379 Saves

Hike to Robbers Roost

Arizona / Robbers Roost Trailhead

The hike begins on the eastern side of the parking area. It is only a half mile hike but the views are amazing.

Aaron Maltby
371 Saves

Trail Run in Lockett Meadow

Arizona / Lockett Meadow

Getting There North of Flagstaff on the 89A, take a left turn directly after a sign for Sunset Crater. This road winds up a well-developed path; when it ends, turn right.

Moe Lauchert
354 Saves

Hiking Sedona's Fay Canyon

Arizona / Fay Canyon Trail

Located on the outskirts of Sedona's main attractions, Fay Canyon is a hidden gem. The Fay Canyon Trail is an easy, scenic hike that takes you through this lesser-known Sedona canyon.

Kathleen Buenviaje
351 Saves

Hike the West Fork Trail

Arizona / Oak Creek

This is one of the most beautiful hikes in Sedona, Arizona. It is a fairly easy hike, although it is 6 miles roundtrip. A lot of families come here, and children love to play in the water.

wendy wernet
348 Saves

Camp at Red Rock

Arizona / The Edge Trailhead

Starting from Downtown Flagstaff we headed west. After making a left turn on Woody Mountain Road, we continued for 22 miles. Woody Mountain Road then becomes Forest Road 231.

Moe Lauchert
346 Saves

Hike to the Romero Pools

Arizona / Romero Canyon Trail

To enter the Catalina State Park costs $7 per vehicle with up to four adults. You then drive to the trailhead parking lot. There will be a restroom and a very small shop there.

Dofo Salazar
330 Saves

Hike the Broken Arrow Trail to Chicken Point

Arizona / Broken Arrow Trail

Start your hike at the Broken Arrow Trailhead, just .2 miles past the end of Morgan Rd.

Nick Tort
325 Saves

Hiking and Stargazing at SP Crater

Arizona / SP Crater

Off of the 89, just north of Flagstaff AZ, there is an unmarked dirt road just before a gas station. It leads out to privately owned land that's open to the public.

Moe Lauchert
325 Saves

Drive the Scenic Loop of Monument Valley

Arizona / Monument Valley

Be ready to embark on this 17 mile monumental scenic drive. The loop includes 11 numbered viewpoints and you can expect to spend between 2-4 hours in the park.

Dan Deublein
318 Saves

Kayak Antelope Canyon

Arizona / Antelope Point Public Launch Ramp

Antelope Canyon is perhaps the most well-known and most photographed slot canyon in the United States. But many people probably don’t realize that you can also kayak a portion of the canyon.

Sarah Giek
309 Saves

Summit Weavers Needle

Arizona / Peralta Trailhead

Lace up your boots, stock up your gear, bid farewell to civilization and head out to the wild. This adventure is not one for the faint of heart. It will scrape, snag, trip and stumble you.

Nick Tort
307 Saves

Camp at The View Campground in Monument Valley

Arizona / The View Campground

Other than the spectacular landscape, the park really doesn't possess any of the attributes one would associate with the "wild west.

Hillary + Matt
297 Saves

Hike to Navajo Falls

Arizona / Navajo Falls

Navajo Falls is a gem that resulted from the flash flood that tore through Havasu Canyon in August of 2008.

Jeremy Meek
287 Saves

Backpack the Grand Canyon's South Rim

Arizona / South Kaibab Trailhead

If you want to see the real Grand Canyon, this is it. The 3 day backpacking will take you down into the canyon to where few people visit.

Sri Gangam
285 Saves

Explore Lake Pleasant, AZ

Arizona / Lake Pleasant

Located just 30 minutes from the outskirts of Phoenix, AZ lies a 10,000 acre desert oasis known as Pleasant Lake Regional Park.

Matt Bloomfield
276 Saves

Hike to Waterfall Canyon

Arizona / Waterfall Canyon Trail

So to fully enjoy the theme of this hike, make sure to try and go right after a rain. But also know that since this is a pretty easy hike, you will won't be the only one there.

Calvin Weibel
274 Saves

Hike to the Arizona Hot Springs

Arizona / Arizona Hot Springs Trail Head

Parking for this hike is about 35 miles from the Las Vegas Strip. It should take less than an hour to get there from any of the hotels. There is easy, fee free parking on the north side of Hwy 93.

Adam Franklin
271 Saves

Hike to the Grand Canyon's Sunset Nook

Arizona / Grandview Trail - Grand Canyon

While the Grand Canyon is full of spectacular views, one particular spot has always been a favorite due to the relatively easy access and the ability to separate from all of the action.

Michael Gabbert
263 Saves

Hike to Hidden Valley via The Mormon Loop Trail

Arizona / Mormon Loop Trail

This is a great spot for an afternoon hike near Phoenix. There are some beautiful rock formations, nice trails, and pretty stunning views of the city and desert beyond.

Kevin Kaminski
262 Saves

Hike the Wind Cave Trail

Arizona / Wind Cave Trailhead, AZ

This is a great trail for a run or for stretching your legs exploring the caves in Usery Mountain Regional Park. Keep in mind that the trail leads you up to the cave and is the end point.

Sarah Levant
260 Saves

Kayak Canyon Lake Reservoir

Arizona / Canyon Lake, Superstition Mountains

Canyon Lake is located in a National Recreation Area. It was created by the damming of the Salt River, in Arizona, specifically by the Morman Flat Dam.

Carole Davenport
256 Saves

Hike the Sabino Canyon Trail

Arizona / Sabino Canyon Trailhead

This popular trail is a paved road that crosses 9 stone bridges over Sabino Creek.

Molly Adshead
255 Saves

Explore the Horseshoe Bend Crack

Arizona / Horseshoe Bend Crack

Horseshoe Bend is an iconic viewpoint, and a must-see for photographers. Check out Tiffany Nguyen's post, Hike to Horseshoe Bend, for more details on that part of the adventure.

Eric Harris
244 Saves

Hike the Pine Creek Loop in Tonto Natural Bridge SP

Arizona / Pine Creek Trailhead, AZ

There is a fee to enter this area. It was $7 when we went. There are 4 trails with many viewpoints from the parking lot, all of which are out and back.

Lacie Griego
243 Saves

Explore Grand Falls

Arizona / Grand Falls

Grand Falls is located about 30 miles northeast of Flagstaff Arizona in Navajo Nation. Even though its only 30 miles from Flagstaff you’ll still have about an hour drive to the falls.

Kevin Kaminski
243 Saves

Hike to the Hole in the Rock at Papago Park

Arizona / Hole in the Rock Trailhead

Papago Park is located right next to the Phoenix Zoo. The park is known for its rock formations and short hiking / running trails.

Grant Thomas
240 Saves

Capturing the Monsoons in Grand Canyon NP

Arizona / Desert View Visitor Center Trail

Being in the right place at the right time is the biggest challenge when attempting to photograph the monsoons at the Grand Canyon.

Michael Strickland
237 Saves

Explore the Grand Canyon in Winter

Arizona / Bright Angel Trailhead

From snow-dusted red rocks to dramatically painted evening skies, winter brings out a side of the Grand Canyon that is rarely seen at other times of the year.

Clare Healy
236 Saves

Hike to Water Wheel & Ellison Creek Cascades

Arizona / Water Wheel

A short and easy out and back hike for adventurers of all ages with scenic waterfalls along the entire trip! Starting at the Water Wheel day use area you will simply follow the well traveled path.

Matt Whelan
236 Saves

Camp at Canyon de Chelly

Arizona / Spider Rock Campground

Canyon de Chelly has been inhabited for over 6,000 years by both the Navajo peoples and the Anasazi peoples.

Michael Wigle
232 Saves

Hike Quartz Ridge

Arizona / Quartz Ridge Trailhead at 32nd St & Lincoln Dr

Quartz Ridge in the Phoenix Mountain Preserve (also known as Trail 8A) is a great escape getaway trail that can be done as a single track or combined with many intersecting trails.

Nick Tort
231 Saves

Backpack Horton Springs

Arizona / Horton Springs Trailhead

This is a more scenic and bit more strenuous loop hike to the spring, taking in the Derrick Trail, part of the Highline Trail, and the Horton Creek Trail.

Sri Gangam
228 Saves

Hiking to the White Pocket

Arizona / Paria Plateau Trailhead

White Pocket is extremely difficult to access due to the road leading to it.

David Kingham
220 Saves

Winter Camp at East Pocket (End of the World)

Arizona / East Pocket Camping

We love coming to this site in the Summer and Fall, but wanted to "test" our cold-weather gear before backpacking this Winter.

Sara Zsenai
215 Saves

Backpack to Rainbow Bridge

Arizona / Wahweap RV Campground

This incredible trip isn't only about Rainbow Bridge. Honestly, the Bridge is just icing on the cake.

Jessica Schultz
213 Saves

Photograph Rattlesnake Canyon

Arizona / Adventurous Antelope Canyon

Rattlesnake Canyon is an add-on to the ever-popular Antelope Canyon photography tour. Both canyons are on Navajo land and only accessible by guided tour.

Eric Harris
202 Saves

Camp at Pine Grove Campground

Arizona / Pine Grove Campground

Pine Grove Campground in Flagstaff Arizona is a hidden gem. Upper and Lower Lake Mary, Ashurst, Marshall and Kinnikinick lakes are nearby and can provide ample recreational activities.

Kathleen Buenviaje
196 Saves

Explore Flagstaff's Lava River Cave

Arizona / Flagstaff Lava River Cave

If you’re looking for a truly unique hiking experience in Arizona, look no further than the Lava River Cave, 14 miles northwest of Flagstaff.

Jeremy Meek
195 Saves

Explore the Toroweap Overlook

Arizona / Toroweap Overlook

Toroweap Overlook can be accessed via Country Road #109, 8 miles west of Fredonia, AZ.

Greg Balkin
191 Saves

Camp at Patagonia Lake State Park

Arizona / Patagonia Lake SP Parking Area

Patagonia Lake State Park is located about 70 miles southeast of Tucson on State Route 82, 7 miles south of Patagonia, Arizona.

Kevin Kaminski
190 Saves

Camp At Burnt Corral Campground On Apache Lake

Arizona / Burnt Corral Campground

Located in the Superstition Wilderness about 65 miles northeast of Phoenix, AZ, Apache Lake is one of the most popular recreational lakes in Arizona because it has something for everyone: hiking, boa.

Kevin Kaminski
188 Saves

Hike Butcher Jones Trail Around Saguaro Lake

Arizona / Butcher Jones Trail

Butcher Jones Recreational Area truly has a little bit of everything. However, the highlight of the area is the Butcher Jones Trail, a 4 mile out and back trail that is suitable for all skill levels.

Grant Thomas
183 Saves

Picnic at Banjo Bill

Arizona / Banjo Bill Picnic Area

Nestled in Oak Creek Canyon, and throughout the Red Rock District are several picnic and day-use areas.

Nick Tort
181 Saves

Explore Montezuma's Castle National Monument

Arizona / Montezuma Castle National Monument

Montezuma Castle is actually one of the United State's first National Monuments. This five story 50 room cliff dwelling is one of the best preserved in all of North America.

Jake Young
172 Saves

Hike to Ribbon Falls in Grand Canyon NP

Arizona / North Kaibab Trail, Grand Canyon NP

Although this hike can feasibly done in a day, it is highly recommended that you spend more than one day in this area and visit the falls as a side trip on a larger trip.

Jake Young
167 Saves

Raft The Grand Canyon

Arizona / Lees Ferry Boat Ramp

If rafting the Grand Canyon is not towards the top of your bucket list, make room.

Nick Tort
159 Saves

Hike Wildcat Trail in Monument Valley

Arizona / Monument Valley

When facing The View from the parking lot, Wildcat Trail is off to the left where the campground is located. It's a 3.2 mile, self-guided loop that takes you around the West Mitten Butte.

Jared Blitz
156 Saves

Camp at Watson Lake in Prescott

Arizona / Watson Lake Park

Camping sites are only available in the summer months but the park is explorable year round! Watson Lake is a very unique place, in a state primarily made up of sandstone lies a lake surrounded by un.

Ross Kyker
150 Saves

Hike Carney Springs to Superstition Peak 5057

Arizona / Carney Springs Trailhead

This is the true beast hike of the Superstitions.

Nick Tort
150 Saves

Camping on Roosevelt Lake Overlook

Arizona / Roosevelt Lake Overlook

Stumbled upon this phenomenal spot while dual-sporting through the Sierra Ancha range.

Colton Marshall
141 Saves

Deep Water Soloing at Clear Creek

Arizona / East Clear Creek

For the best deep water soloing, go left after unloading the canoes or kayaks.

Cristina Guzman
141 Saves

Hike Aravaipa Canyon

Arizona / Aravaipa Canyon West Trailhead

Welcome to the beauty of wilderness and serenity! Within the boundaries of Aravaipa Canyon, you will not find any designated trails, campsites, or facilities.

Jeremy Meek
141 Saves

Backpack up the Mogollon Rim via Washington Park

Arizona / Arizona Trail (Washington Park TH)

This trail begins at the Washington Park Trailhead which meets up with passage #27 of the AZT. You begin traveling northbound as you ascend the great Mogollon Rim.

Kaylee Sypherd
137 Saves

Hike Marcos de Niza Ridgeline / National Loop

Arizona / Pima Canyon Trailhead

This is somewhat of a hidden gem in South Mountain Park, the largest municipal park in the United States, even though it's right there for all to see.

Nick Tort
135 Saves

Run Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim in the Grand Canyon

Arizona / South Kaibab Trailhead

This run is an extreme adventure and requires lots of planning and training. The risk for injury or heat related illness is high, so take precautions and don't run alone.

Jason Hatfield
134 Saves

Hike to Brown's Peak

Arizona / Browns Peak Trailhead

Starting at the trailhead you will begin hiking through oak trees and forest. At numerous times throughout the hike Roosevelt Lake can be seen to the northwest.

Aaron Maltby
127 Saves

Camp at Marshall Lake

Arizona / Marshall Lake

If you’re looking for spacious campsites, starry skies, wooded hiking trails, and peaceful surroundings, Marshall Lake in Flagstaff, AZ is the perfect campground for you! Marshall Lake is located abo.

Kevin Kaminski
126 Saves

Hike Fatman's Loop

Arizona / Fatman's Loop

Sitting on the eastern slope of Mt Elden is a super fun multi-use trail called Fatman's Loop. It's a perfect spot for hiking, trail running, day strolling, or walking the pup.

Nick Tort
126 Saves

Hike and Camp at Arizona's A1 Mountain

Arizona / A 1 Mountain

6.6 miles west of downtown Flagstaff off the I-40 West is the A1 Mountain Road. Continue over the cattle guards and enter into the A1 Mountain Area—perfect for hiking, camping, and trail running.

Moe Lauchert
124 Saves

Catch a Sunset from Tempe Town Lake and the Mill Avenue Bridge

Arizona / North Shore Beach, Tempe Town Lake

Last year I went to Phoenix for a few days for work.

Jeff Driscoll
123 Saves

Hike the West Park Loop Trail in Papago Park

Arizona / West Park Parking Lot

This trail begins from the parking lot on the west side of Galvin Parkway. To the east of the parking lot is a single track, dirt trail that heads north towards the big buttes.

Jared Blitz
122 Saves

Hike South Kaibab Trail to Cedar Ridge

Arizona / South Kaibab Trailhead

To access the trailhead, you must take a shuttle in. There is not parking next to the trailhead because the parking lot is very small.

Edward Day
119 Saves

Hike the Abineau-Bear Jaw Loop

Arizona / Abineau-Bear Jaw loop

This trail is slightly more hidden on the northern slope of the San Francisco Peaks, but well worth the drive just outside of Flagstaff.

Kevin Kaminski
113 Saves

Hike Apache Falls

Arizona / Salt River Canyon

Apache Falls in the Salt River Canyon is an impressive fall because of the size and the amount of water flowing over them (especially after snowmelt) and is one of the few waterfalls in AZ that is in.

Brian Cahill
107 Saves

Drive Through The Apache Trail

Arizona / Apache Trail (Lost Dutchman SP)

Its about a 40 minute drive to the beginning of the trail from Phoenix, and the trail itself is close to a two hour drive, if you don't plan on stopping along the way.

Tiffany Lachner
106 Saves

Hike or MTB the Deem Hills Loop

Arizona / Deem Hills Park

Located in north Phoenix, the Deem Hills recreation area features a dog park, playground, soccer field, and trailhead leading into the neighboring hills.

Calvin Weibel
105 Saves

Hike to Tanque Verde Falls

Arizona / Lower Tanque Verde Falls Trailhead

This hike starts at the Lower Tanque Verde Falls Trailhead, which is a well marked dirt lot on the left side of Reddington Road.

Lacie Griego
104 Saves

Hiking the Ropes Trail in Page Arizona

Arizona / The Ropes Trail

The Ropes Trail is an old hiking trail below Glen Canyon Dam that has long since been abandoned by the park service. It is also one of the few trails that leads down the steep walls into the canyon.

Derrick Lytle
103 Saves

Hike the Treasure Loop

Arizona / Treasure Loop Trailhead

Located about 40 miles east of Phoenix right off AZ-88 E/N Apache Trail. The initial trail begins at an elevation of 2000 feet within the Sonoran Desert.

Laura Clarke
102 Saves

Hike the Boulder Canyon Trail

Arizona / Boulder Canyon Trailhead

Parking for the trailhead is actually in the same lot as the marina.  There is a restaurant, campground, and restrooms all in the vicinity of the parking lot.

Matt Yanchek
102 Saves

Hike Courthouse Butte Loop

Arizona / Bell Rock Trail

While most people stop to hike the Bell Rock Trail, you can get away from the congestion and madness by tackling the nearby Courthouse Butte trail. This moderate hike is 4.

Will Cebron
101 Saves

Discover the Ruins of Two Guns

Arizona / Two Guns Arizona

These old ruins on the side of old route 66 in the town of Two Guns Arizona. The ruins themselves are very photogenic and worth a stop at.

Kristen May
101 Saves

Hike Mojave Trail #200

Arizona / Mojave Picnic Area & Trailhead

The entrance for the Piestewa Peak area is located at 2701 E. Squaw Peak Drive. The Mojave Picnic Area & Trailhead is the first parking area on the right.

Nick Tort
98 Saves

Backpack to Phantom Ranch via the South Kaibab & Bright Angel Loop

Arizona / South Kaibab Trailhead

There are many ways in and out of the Grand Canyon but the most popular loop is to descend from the South Rim, heading down the steeper South Kaibab Trail and returning up via the easier Bright Angel.

Ted S
98 Saves

Backpack the Superstition Wilderness to White Rock Springs Camp

Arizona / First Water Trailhead

The Superstition Wilderness is a stunning 160,200 acre area outside Apache Junction, AZ, with over 170 miles of (variously maintained) trail networks.

Camp in the Coconino National Forest

Arizona / FS Road 776, Flagstaff

The free camping in the Coconino (as well as the many other national forests) is generally along the old Fire Roads, and old Forest Service Roads.

Kristen May
96 Saves

Hike through Mountain Sheep Canyon

Arizona / Mountain Sheep Canyon Parking Lot

As its name suggests, Mountain Sheep Canyon offers a rugged feel and more strenuous hike than the other slot canyons in the neighborhood (Antelope Canyon and Rattlesnake Canyon).

Jeremy Meek
95 Saves

Climbing at Oak Creek Canyon

Arizona / Oak Creek

Getting There About 18 miles south of Flagstaff on the 89A, turn into the Cave Springs parking lot and look for the trail just right of the first bridge.

Moe Lauchert
95 Saves

Hike the Thompson Trail

Arizona / Thompson Trail

As you travel down Forest Road 116, approximately 200 yards before the trailhead, you will see the remains of the old Thompson Cattle Ranch - hence, Thompson Trail  #629.

Dan Deublein
93 Saves

Camp at Knoll Lake

Arizona / Knoll Lake Campground

The Campground is seasonal and is located on the left just before the lake. There are 33 well-developed units that offer fire-rings, grills, drinking water and vault toilets.

Dan Deublein
93 Saves

Hike up Cookstove Trail

Arizona / Pine Flat Campground Trail

Either a compliment to a night spent at the Pine Flat Campground or a quick day hike to top of your Sedona/Oak Creek adventure, this short hike will give you an alternative, but comparatively gorgeou.

Nick Tort
89 Saves

Hike to the Wave Cave

Arizona / Wave Cave Trail

From the trail-head you will follow the old and wide dirt road for a while until you reach the wilderness fence line. It's easy to get lost. When you reach the fence there's an area to go through.

Sri Gangam
88 Saves

Hike the Gateway Loop

Arizona / Gateway Trailhead Scottsdale

The Gateway Trailhead is one access point into the McDowell Sonoran Conservancy in Scottsdale and is my favorite “Gateway” into the treasure trove of great trails and vistas in the McDowell Mountains.

Jeremy Meek
86 Saves

Camp at Chiricahua National Monument's Bonita Canyon

Arizona / Bonita Canyon Campground

Looking for an authentic hiking and camping weekend? Then the Bonita Canyon Campground in Chiricahua National Monument is your ticket. The Chiricahua National Monument is a uniquely beautiful place.

Sri Gangam
86 Saves

Hike to Pacheta Falls

Arizona / Pacheta Falls Approach #1

Pacheta Falls is spectacular and worth the several hour drive over washboard roads and you explore the high country of Arizona.

Dan Deublein
84 Saves

Hike to Skull Mesa Ruins

Arizona / Spur Cross Ranch

The Verde Hohokam ruins are believed to have once held home to about 100 people and approximately 800 years old.

Zach Duncan
84 Saves

Hike the Pipeline Canyon Trail

Arizona / Pipeline Canyon Trail

Starting at a little below 2,000 feet this hike takes about two hours out and back over a two-mile stretch. There is a parking lot with bathrooms at either end.

Jo Stein
83 Saves

Hike and Camp at Nankoweap Granaries

Arizona / Nankoweap Granaries

Hiking to the Nankoweap Granaries can be done in a few ways but the two most popular routes is by boat along the Colorado River or the unmaintained Nankoweap trail, which is considered by most and th.

Kevin Kaminski
83 Saves

Hike or Bike the Hiline Trail in Sedona

Arizona / Hiline Trailhead

Start this incredible hike by parking at the Yavapai Point parking lot. Start the short hike (0.13 miles) on the Kaibab Trail which will run into Yavapai Vista Trail (0.

Ross Kyker
81 Saves

Hike to the Wilson Mountain Summit - South Overlook

Arizona / Wilson Mountain Trail

Ever wanted to see Sedona from a bird’s eye view? Sure, you could spring for a helicopter tour.

Jeremy Meek
79 Saves

Backpack to the Grand Canyon's Cremation Canyon

Arizona / South Kaibab Trailhead

The Grand Canyon is over 277 miles long and is full of unique geological formations in all sorts of colors.

Tiffany Nguyen
78 Saves

Hike to Bright Angel Point on the Grand Canyon's North Rim

Arizona / Bright Angel Point Trail

The trailhead begins at the North Rim Lodge/Visitor Center that rests of the edge of the Grand Canyon and heads east until you reach Bright Angel Point a half mile later.

Jared Blitz
76 Saves

Photograph a Sunset from the North Rim Lodge

Arizona / Hermit Trail Trailhead

I've read that only approximately 10% of Grand Canyon National Park visitors spend time at the North Rim, meaning the crowds are smaller in the most beautiful areas you can immerse yourself in withou.

Jared Blitz
75 Saves

Hike Blackette's Ridge

Arizona / Sabino Canyon Trailhead

Starting from the Sabino Canyon Recreation Area you'll want to follow signs for the Bear Canyon Trail.

Lacie Griego
74 Saves

Hike Sunrise Trail to Sunrise Peak

Arizona / Sunrise Trail

Sunrise Peak, also known as Sunrise Trail, is located at the residential foothills of the McDowell Mountains in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Kevin Kaminski
73 Saves

Hike Battleship Mountain

Arizona / First Water Trailhead

Battleship Mountain is nestled within the Superstition Mountains, surrounded by dramatic peaks and desert landscapes.

Jeremy Meek
72 Saves

Hike Mojave Connector Trail #202

Arizona / Mojave Connector Trail #202

The best starting point to access this hike is parking at the Mojave Picnic Area and heading up the Mojave Trail #200. At .

Nick Tort
72 Saves

Hike Doe Mountain

Arizona / Doe Mountain Parking Area

The trail begins almost immediately with some gradual switchbacks that climb up the mesa at a moderate incline. As you climb you will come to a trail junction with the Aerie trail about .3 in.

Nathan Szwarc
71 Saves

Backpack the Bright Angel Trailhead to Indian Garden Campground

Arizona / Bright Angel Trailhead

The trail begins just outside of the Grand Canyon village at the Bright Angel Trailhead. The hike begins to descend immediately in continuous switchbacks.

Hike Point Imperial Trail

Arizona / Point Imperial Trail

Point Imperial is the highest point in the Grand Canyon, lying in the North Rim, at 8800ft and offering incredible views of staggered mountains. The trail itself is relatively easy.

Jared Blitz
69 Saves

Bike along the San Francisco Peaks on Waterline Road

Arizona / Shultz Pass Rd. / Waterline Rd.

Waterline Road is a closed service road that follows along the southern and eastern slopes of the San Francisco Peaks of Flagstaff, AZ.

Matt Bloomfield
69 Saves

Hike Templeton Trail to Oak Creek

Arizona / Cathedral Rock Trailhead

Beginning at the Cathedral Rock trailhead down Back O' Beyond Rd.

Nathaniel Carter
68 Saves

Night Photography at White Pocket

Arizona / White Pocket

White Pocket is a remote outcropping of sandstone formations in Vermillion Cliffs National Monument similar to the famous "Wave".

Jason Hatfield
66 Saves

Visit the Kitt Peak National Observatory

Arizona / Kitt Peak National Observatory

Kitt Peak National Observatory (KPNO) is home to the most diverse collection of astronomical observatories on Earth for nighttime optical and infrared astronomy and daytime study of our sun.

Jeremy Meek
61 Saves

Bike the Hermit Road at the Grand Canyon

Arizona / Grand Canyon South Rim Visitor Center

The Hermit Road, originally built by early pioneers and then improved by the Santa Fe Railroad, winds along the Canyon’s rim for 7 miles.

Sarah Neal
60 Saves

Backpack the Bright Angel Trail to Indian Garden and Bright Angel Campgrounds

Arizona / Bright Angel Trailhead

The Bright Angel Trail is considered the park’s premier hiking trail.

Nick Tort
60 Saves

Catch The Sunset on Gates Pass

Arizona / Gates Pass Parking Area

Get on E Speedway Blvd, and follow it West until it turns into W Gates Pass rd. Follow this for 3 miles and the parking lot will be at the top of the pass.

Danny McGee
57 Saves

Hike the Goldfield Ovens Loop

Arizona / Blue Point Picnic Area

A Tonto Day Pass is required for this hike as you will park your vehicle at the Blue Point Picnic Area. The trail starts North of the restrooms which are located at the backside of the parking lot.

Dan Deublein
56 Saves

Hike the West Baldy Trail

Arizona / West Baldy Trail

The West Baldy Trail is one of the most beautiful (and popular) hikes in Arizona. It is reminiscent of many alpine hikes you might find scattered across Colorado.

Jeremy Meek
55 Saves

Backpack from the Grand Canyon's Cremation Canyon to Utah Flats

Arizona / South Kaibab Trailhead

Note: The spot on the map is the beginning of the hike into Cremation Canyon Campground. For the full report on getting there, check out this adventure.

Gregg Boydston
55 Saves

Camp at Ashurst Lake

Arizona / Ashurst Lake Campground

Ashurst Lake is South East of Flagstaff and not too far from Mormon Lake. It's an easy drive that any car can do. There is a a short section of well-maintained dirt road.

Brian Cahill
52 Saves

Hike the Dixie Mine Trail

Arizona / Dixie Mine Trailhead Parking

The Mine Dixie mine was established in 1877, when mining scouts noticed the large amount of quartz in the area.

Dan Deublein
52 Saves

Catch a Sunset at Goldfield Ranch

Arizona / Goldfield Ghost Town

Although a tourist trap, Goldfield Ghost Town is a place any visitor might like stopping for a little food and a drink if they're hiking in the Superstition Mountains at the nearby Lost Dutchman Stat.

Jared Blitz
52 Saves

Hike the Hieroglyphic Trail

Arizona / Hieroglyphic Trailhead

This hike is a great beginner hike for those who want to experience the beauty of the Superstitions.

Breanne McNitt
51 Saves

Hike to Fremont Saddle

Arizona / Peralta Trailhead

After taking Peralta Road all the way to the end, park your car in the parking lot and you'll see the sign for the trail head. Sign in at the register and then begin our hike on Peralta Trail.

Breanne McNitt
50 Saves

Hike the Blue Forest Trail in Petrified Forest NP

Arizona / Blue Forest Trail

Although short, the Blue Forest Trail is one of the most unexpectedly coolest hikes I've been on.

Jared Blitz
50 Saves

Hike the Lower Salt River Nature Trail

Arizona / Phon D. Sutton Recreation Site

This scenic loop offers views of Four Peaks, the Salt River & Verde River, and a desert landscape with plenty of wildlife.

Calvin Weibel
49 Saves

Explore Blue Canyon

Arizona / Blue Canyon

To reach Blue Canyon you must head down AZ 264 until you reach Indian pass 7 or 6660, it's the same road, turn west. The turn is not marked, it is only noticeable by a cattle guard.

David Frietz
48 Saves

Backpack the Cabin Loop Trail

Arizona / General Springs Trail Head

People think Arizona is all just desert, but this hike will show you otherwise.  Up on the Mogollon Rim, this trail takes you past old cabins, through lush forest, and near many creeks.

Breanne McNitt
47 Saves

Backpack East Baldy Trail #95

Arizona / Easy Baldy #95

From the trailhead you start your hike with views over the East Fork of the Little Colorado River as it winds through grassy meadows filled with summer wildflowers. About 1.

Brian Cahill
46 Saves

Hike the South Kaibab Trail to Tip Off

Arizona / Grand Canyon South Rim Visitor Center

The late Fall turned out to be the perfect time to visit the Grand Canyon.

Benny Barrett
46 Saves

Hike to Bear Mountain

Arizona / Bear Mountain Trailhead, Sedona

Bear Mountain is one of the more difficult hikes in Sedona but has very easy access. There is a parking area between Doe Mountain and Bear Mountain.

John Maurizi
46 Saves

Hike the Weavers Needle Loop

Arizona / Peralta Trailhead

This is a difficult hike! Plan on a lot of time and an early start.

John Maurizi
44 Saves

Hike to Shoshone Point

Arizona / Shoshone Point Trail

A two mile round trip and relatively fast hike, Shoshone Point lies only about a mile from the parking lot and is an easy hike along a dirt road to a stunning vista.

Matthew Eaton
43 Saves

Hike Black Mountain

Arizona / Black Mountain Summit Trail

With a distance of only 2.5 miles round trip, this is a great hike to start off your day of exploring old town Cave Creek.

Zach Duncan
41 Saves

Hike the Boynton Canyon Trail

Arizona / Boynton Canyon, Sedona

This is my favorite trail in all of Sedona. The trail head is at the end of Boynton Canyon rd near the entrance of Enchanted Spa and Resort.

John Maurizi
40 Saves

Hike to Javelina Rock

Arizona / Javelina Rock, Saguaro East National Park

Drive through the gate of Saguaro National Park and continue straight onto Cactus Forest Drive. The 8 Mile loop takes you around to Javelina Rock parking area.

Chema Domenech
40 Saves

Hike the Cockscomb Trail

Arizona / Cockscomb, Sedona Arizona

This is a wonderful less traveled trail that is fairly easy hiking, at least until you reach the base of the Cockscomb. It does not have much shade.

John Maurizi
39 Saves

Sunset Hike the Cape Royal Trail

Arizona / Cape Royal Trail

This is a very easy "hike" at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.

Jared Blitz
39 Saves

Canoe Black Canyon on the Colorado River

Arizona / Willow Beach

This 10-mile canoe trip starts at Willow Beach and reaches all the way to the Hoover Dam, giving you front row seats to beautiful canyon walls, waterfalls, hot springs, (sauna) caves, hiking trails, .

Ciara Foley
39 Saves

Hike North Mountain Trail

Arizona / North Mountain Park

Beginning from the start of the trail on 7th Street, this short hike can be a good quick workout that offers great views of the greater Phoenix area.

Calvin Weibel
39 Saves

Hike the Wagner Short Loop Trail

Arizona / Wagner Short Loop Trail

Take the Wagner Short Loop Trail for an easy, family friendly loop in McDowell Mountain Park. In the spring, this desert trail takes you through landscapes dotted with wildflowers.

Hike Barnhardt Trail

Arizona / Barnhardt Trail

To get to the trailhead, use the turnoff of highway 87 labeled Barnhardt trail (has a marked sign coming from both Payson and Phoenix). Barnhardt road is just over 4 miles and is unpaved.

emma harries
36 Saves

Hike the Valley View Overlook Trail in Saguaro National Park

Arizona / Valley View Overlook Trail

The Valley View Overlook Trail is located in the Tucson Mountain District (which west of Tucson) of Saguaro National Park.

Allison Herreid
36 Saves

Hike to Hidden Falls in the Havasupai Reservation

Arizona / Havasu Campground

Coming from the campground, you'll want to backtrack back towards Navajo and Fifty Foot falls, crossing the bridge that you came over coming into the campground.

Andrew Hoang
35 Saves

Hike Incinerator Ridge to Leopold Point

Arizona / San Pedro Vista Trailhead

Starting out at San Pedro Vista Trailhead, located just off the shoulder of the Catalina Highway, this trail follows along the ridgeline, drops to a small saddle, and terminates at a gorgeous vista: .

Nick Tort
35 Saves

Elephant Mountain Fortress Hike

Arizona / Spur Cross Ranch

This hike beings at Spur Cross Ranch in Cave Creek, which is a lush riparian area flowing with Saguaros.

Dan Deublein
35 Saves

Hike Estrella Mountain's Baseline Trail

Arizona / Baseline Trailhead

Baseline Trail is a 2.4 mile moderately trafficked loop trail. This trail features lovely wild flowers and is rated as intermediate.

Laura Clarke
35 Saves

Hike to the Keet Seel Anasazi Ruins

Arizona / Keet Seel Visitors Center

Keet Seel is an amazingly preserved pueblo village in the depths of the canyons at Navajo National Monument.

Jeremy Meek
34 Saves

Hike Picketpost Mountain

Arizona / Picketpost Trailhead

From the parking lot you will start out on the Arizona Trail until you reach the turn off to begin your accent up the mountain.

Breanne McNitt
33 Saves

Explore the Cliff Dwellers in Marble Canyon

Arizona / Cliff Dwellers Pull-Off

The Cliff Dwellers is a unique tale that takes place the same year Prohibition began. Bill & Blanche Russel were driving through Marble Canyon when their automobile broke down.

Dan Deublein
31 Saves

Hike the Crystal Forest Loop

Arizona / Crystal Forest

There really isn't much to this hike beyond exploring all the different types of petrified wood deposits.  It's named after the wood that has formed in the petrified logs.

Jared Blitz
30 Saves

Kayak at Watson Lake

Arizona / Watson Lake Park

Watson lake is relatively small so it makes a great place for beginners to kayak. One end of the lake is surrounded by large granite dells.

Lacie Griego
28 Saves

Hike the Colonel Devin Trail

Arizona / Colonel Devin Trailhead

The hike will begin at Washington Park in Payson, Arizona. To reach Washington Park, take AZ87 to Forest Road 199 (Houston Mesa Road) and turn east.

Dan Deublein
27 Saves

Hike Valley Vista from Turnbuckle Trail

Arizona / Skyline Regional Park Trailhead

The Valley Vista trail is a short hike in Skyline Regional Park, located in the southern region of the White Tank Mountains west of Phoenix.

Calvin Weibel
26 Saves

Fly Fish Oak Creek

Arizona / Oak Creek Canyon

Oak Creek is spring fed from the upper reaches of Oak Creek Canyon. It flows into the Verde River and the upper sections provide for some excellent trout fishing.

Dan Deublein
26 Saves

Catch a Sunset at Three Sisters

Arizona / Wave Cave Parking Lot

Three Sisters is a huge rock formation in the southern area of the Superstition Mountains.

Calvin Weibel
26 Saves

Photograph Desert View Watchtower

Arizona / Desert View Visitor Center Trail

Desert View Watchtower is a 70-foot high stone tower located on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.

Kyle Szegedi
25 Saves

Camp At Waheap Campground

Arizona / Wahweap RV Campground

This modern campground is just steps from the beach and centrally located on the Arizona / Utah border -- perfect for exploring both sides of the Glen Canyon National Recreational Area.

Kelly Park
25 Saves

Run at Thunderbird Park

Arizona / Thunderbird Park Parking Area

This is a great spot to go for a quick run or a short hike if you're in North Phoenix.  Thunderbird park is easily accessible with free entry and a number of picnic areas.

Calvin Weibel
24 Saves

Walk the Blue Mesa Trail

Arizona / Blue Mesa Trail

The easiest route is to drive from the southern entrance to the Petrified Forest National Park and head north toward the 3.5 mile Blue Mesa Scenic Drive.

Jared Blitz
24 Saves

Hike The Big Loop in Chiricahua National Monument

Arizona / Echo Canyon Trailhead Parking Lot

27 million years ago, a large volcanic eruption in the Chiricahua Mountains left behind volcanic ash which eroded into the hoodoos and balancing rocks at Chiricahua National Monument aka The Wonderla.

Sarah Levant
22 Saves

Hike to Peak 5057 via Hieroglyphic Trail

Arizona / Hieroglyphic Trailhead

To get to the trailhead from US60, turn north onto Kings Ranch Road where you will begin the winding path through the neighborhoods.

Breanne McNitt
22 Saves

Hike The Shaw Butte Trail

Arizona / Shaw Butte Trailhead

The Shaw Butte Trail is a short loop hike that leads you to the top of Shaw Butte in the Phoenix Mountains Preserve.

Calvin Weibel
22 Saves

Hike the Apache Wash Loop Trail

Arizona / Apache Wash Trailhead

This hike begins at the Apache Wash Trailhead where you will find restrooms and a covered rest area.

Dan Deublein
21 Saves

Hike the Government Springs Trail

Arizona / Government Springs Trailhead

To find Government Springs Trailhead, follow State Route 260 to State Route 373 (the Greer Turnoff), turn right and follow State Route 373 to FR 575 until it ends.

Dan Deublein
21 Saves

Hike the Dutchman's Second Canyon Loop

Arizona / First Water Trailhead

To get to the trail head, drive past Lost Dutchman State Park on the 88 and then take the dirt road (on your right) with arrows leading you to First Water Trail Head.

Breanne McNitt
21 Saves

Hike the Blue Ridge Cave Trail

Arizona / Blue Ridge Cave Trailhead

Right off Arizona Highway 260 at Porter Mountain Rd., you'll find this easy out-and-back hike that will wind you past Scott Reservoir to an ancient lava tube cave.

Mark Nelson
21 Saves

Hike the Show Low Bluff Trail

Arizona / Show Low Bluff Trail

Built in 2012, this loop is part of the white mountain trail system and you may park directly at the trailhead.

Dan Deublein
20 Saves

Hike Black Mesa Loop

Arizona / First Water Trailhead

From First Water Trailhead, a short walk east brings you to the junction of the Dutchman trail and the Second Water trail.

Calvin Weibel
19 Saves

Hike Cathedral Canyon

Arizona / Cathedral Canyon

Cathedral Canyon is located just south of Page, Arizona and west of Coppermine Road and is entirely on Navajo Land, so access is possible only by permission from a local or with a permit from one of .

Josiah Roe
18 Saves

Hike through Upper Waterholes Canyon

Arizona / Waterholes Canyon Trailhead

Waterholes Canyon is a gorgeous slot canyon located just south of Page, Arizona that empties into Glen Canyon.

Josiah Roe
17 Saves

Hike Goat Camp Trail

Arizona / Goat Camp Trailhead, AZ

This is one of the less traveled trails in White Tank Mountain Regional Park.  If you're looking for a solid day hike in the west valley, try this one.

Calvin Weibel
17 Saves

Hike the Wild Burro Trail

Arizona / Wild Burro Trail

Hike along the shoreline of beautiful Lake Pleasant. This 4.0 mile out-and-back trail is worth its weight in beautiful views.

Dan Deublein
16 Saves

Climb the Praying Monk

Arizona / Echo Canyon Trailhead

Park at the Echo Canyon Parking Area.From the trailhead, hike up Echo trail until your reach the saddle.

Breanne McNitt
16 Saves

Hike Baby Bell Rock

Arizona / Bell Rock Trail

At roughly 1.

Adrien Patané
16 Saves

Hike the Hugh Norris Trail, Saguaro National Park

Arizona / Hugh Norris Trail

Named for a Native American police chief, the Hugh Norris trail takes you from lush (by desert standards) Saguaro and cholla forests to the top of rugged Wasson Peak.

Colin Stouffer
16 Saves

Frisbee Golf at McPherson's

Arizona / McPherson's Golf Course

McPherson's is a public disk golf course five minutes north of downtown Flagstaff.  The course is seasonally open from May - November. There are no tee times, and it is free to play.

Sarah Levant
15 Saves

Hike the Island Trail, Walnut Canyon

Arizona / Walnut Canyon Trailhead

The trail is a short one - stretching only a mile in length.

Mike Quine
15 Saves

Hike Phoenix Mountain Preserve's Freedom Trail

Arizona / Piestewa Peak TH

As the third longest trail in the Phoenix Mountain Preserve, the Freedom Trail provides a great option for those looking for a longer hike, which can also be made even a bit longer by bolting on the .

Jeremy Meek
15 Saves

Hike Tumamoc Hill

Arizona / Tumamoc Hill Trailhead

Tumamoc Hill is urban adventuring at it's finest. Park on Anklam Road, directly across from St Mary's Hospital, and follow the other hikers and runners to the trailhead.

Sara Sheehy
14 Saves

Bike the Pemberton Loop in McDowell Mountain Park

Arizona / Pemberton Trail

This is a 15.4 mile loop that has 879 feet of elevation gain and descent. We took this trail clockwise. The trail is very well marked and maintained. It starts out flat from the parking lot.

Lacie Griego
14 Saves

Backpack the Bluff Springs Loop

Arizona / Peralta Trailhead

From the Peralta Trailhead, start hiking on Bluff Springs Trail.  This trail will wind over a few hills past incredible views, and then take you down into a wash.

Breanne McNitt
13 Saves

Paddle Antelope Canyon

Arizona / Antelope Point Public Launch Ramp

Approximately 2.5 miles from the Antelope Point Marina docks to the end of the submerged portion of Antelope Canyon with the option of hiking further up the canyon once the water runs dry.

Alex Thompson
13 Saves

Hike the Sugarloaf Mountain Trail in Chiricahua National Monument

Arizona / Sugarloaf Mountain Trailhead

This short hike is spectacular at sunset. Park in the parking just beyond Echo Canyon right off of the park's scenic eight mile drive.

Sarah Levant
13 Saves

Hike Holbert Trail to Dobbins Lookout

Arizona / Holbert Trail

Dobbins lookout is a popular high point in South Mountain Park that offers views of the entire Phoenix area.  It's accessible by road or by trail with no entry fee.

Calvin Weibel
13 Saves

Hike the Brown Mountain Trail

Arizona / Brown Mountain Trailhead

I really enjoyed this hike. I recommend doing the hike as an out and back from the Kinney Road parking area. Also, the best time to hike is just before sunset.

John Maurizi
12 Saves

Hike Mesquite Canyon Trail

Arizona / Mesquite Trail

This is a great place to begin your hike in the White Tank Mountains.  From the Ramada Way area, the trail begins to lead steadily into a small canyon.

Calvin Weibel
12 Saves

Backpack Hermit Trail into the Grand Canyon

Arizona / Hermit Trail Trailhead

Not many people envision their romantic Valentine's Day getaway as a grueling 8 mile hike into the Grand Canyon, but I couldn't think of anything better! If you're planning a trip for the busier summ.

Emily White
12 Saves

Hike to Escudilla Mountain Lookout Tower

Arizona / Escudilla Mountain Trailhead

Already starting off at elevation (about 9,560 feet above sea level), you first travel through a large stand of aspen trees during the beginning third of the trail.

Mark Nelson
11 Saves

Hike the Badger Spring Wash Trail

Arizona / Badger Spring Trailhead, Agua Fria National Park

Badger Spring Wash is a dry stream bed most of the year. This trail starts from the Badger Spring Trailhead just off Route 17 north from Phoenix.

John Maurizi
11 Saves

Hike Soldier's Pass Trail to Brins Mesa Trail

Arizona / Soldier's Pass Trailhead

Starting at the trailhead is a parking lot for around 14 vehicles, arrive early in the morning if you want to be guaranteed a parking spot.

Edward Webb
10 Saves

Stand Up Paddle in Castle Rock Bay

Arizona / Castle Rock Bay Parking

The Castle Rock Bay is a bit out of the beaten path, making it a quiet place to relax on Lake Havasu. The parking lot can be found off a dirt road off of Vista Dr.

Nick Garcia
10 Saves

Hike Picacho Peak's Hunter Trail

Arizona / Hunter Trailhead, Picacho Peak State Park

If you've ever done the drive on highway10 from Phoenix to Tucson, you've definitely noticed an intriguing looking mountain peak about an hour into the drive.

Kevin Kaminski
10 Saves

Hike the Arizona Trail: Aspen Corner to Bismark Lake

Arizona / Aspen Corner

I started this hike at 7:00am. It was a perfect time of day. The sky was clear and the air was cool.

John Maurizi
10 Saves

Explore Pueblo La Plata

Arizona / Agua Fria National Monument

Pueblo La Plata is the largest ancient Indian ruin in Agua Fria National Monument and dates back to before 1200 A.D. The ruin at one time had 80 to 90 rooms for living quarters.

John Maurizi
9 Saves

Snowshoe at the Arizona Nordic Village

Arizona / Arizona Nordic Village

To get to the Nordic Village from Flagstaff, just take the 180 North until you see the signs for the Nordic Village (on your right).

Breanne McNitt
8 Saves

Hike Lynx Lake

Arizona / Lynx Lake

Starting at the parking lot, you will have to pay your dues prior to beginning your hike. You will immediately be met with fresh air and refreshing summer temperatures.

Dan Deublein
8 Saves

Winter Summit Humphreys Peak, Arizona

Arizona / Humphreys Peak

From Flagstaff, take US-180 west towards the Grand Canyon. Take US-180 for 7 miles until you reach Snow Bowl Rd.

Alex Anderson
7 Saves

Hike to the Ruins of Fort Bowie

Arizona / Fort Bowie Trailhead

Fort Bowie is an abandoned military outpost and the site of many bloody battles between the government and Native Americans.

Sara Sheehy
7 Saves

Hike the Mescal Mountain Loop

Arizona / Mescal Trailhead

The Mescal Mountain Loop Hike circles Mescal Mesa uses three different trails. Park at the Mescal Trail parking area on Long Canyon Road.  The Mescal Trail is 2.

John Maurizi
6 Saves

Hike the Victoria Mine Trail

Arizona / Victoria Mine Trailhead

The Victoria Mine Trail is a gentle traverse of the Sonoran Desert landscape.

Sara Sheehy
5 Saves

Hike the Giant Logs and Long Logs trail to the Agate House

Arizona / Giant Log and Long Log Trail to Agate House

Both trails begin from the Rainbow Forest Museum located at the southern entrance of the National Park. Start with the Giant Logs trail which will take you on a short .

Sarah Levant
4 Saves

Hike the Baldwin Trail

Arizona / Baldwin Loop Trail

As with most areas in Sedona, you will need to have purchased a Red Rock Pass to park at the trailhead, which is located just south of Verde Valley Road.

Dan Deublein
4 Saves

Practice Yoga atop Piestewa Peak

Arizona / Piestewa Peak TH

If you are an avid hiker and also love practicing yoga, then Piestewa Peak has a hidden gem awaiting you! There is a little-known helipad located just off the primary trail to Piestewa Peak's Summit .

Jeremy Meek
3 Saves

Photograph Elephant's Feet

Arizona / Elephants Feet

Elephant's Feet is located 20 miles east of Tuba City on 160 right outside of Tonalea, AZ.

Ali Pine
3 Saves

Camp at Twin Peaks Campground

Arizona / Twin Peaks Campground, AZ

Twin Peaks is the primary campground at Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, minutes from the Mexican border in southern Arizona.

Sara Sheehy
3 Saves

Hike the Desert View Trail

Arizona / Desert View Trailhead

The Desert View loop trail begins in the Twin Peaks Campground's group camping area. Hike it in either direction, but be sure to get to the top before the sun goes down.

Sara Sheehy
2 Saves

Hike the Go John Trail

Arizona / Go John Trailhead

As you park at the trailhead, you have the option to take this trail in either direction. I recommend that you travel north, which will immediately provide 0.75 miles of elevation gain.

Dan Deublein
2 Saves

Hike the Estes Canyon/Bull Pasture Loop

Arizona / Estes Canyon/Bull Pasture Trailhead

The trailhead for Estes Canyon/Bull Pasture is on the Ajo Mountain Road scenic loop. Ajo Mountain Road is a dirt, windy, sometimes steep, one way road.

Sara Sheehy
1 Saves