Anna Ratzlaff

Awesome if you are willing to get dirty!

One this is that we drove ALL THE WAY up the mountain. Like 4 miles up. Don't do that. When the road turns to gravel, just keep going until you reach a bridge. If you go on the bridge, you have gone too far. Then, turn right at the big open space before the bridge and go about a half mile up. The trailhead is really hard to miss so be careful, it is on the left(not like the post says). Also, be aware of bears. Make loud noises! Ran into a few here! Just stick to the creek and you'll be fine. Lots of climbing across logs and getting lost, but just keep going! There is a log to cross the creek, and use that to reach the other side! It gets better than the original view I promise! Make your way up, and there are roots to hold onto at the very top. Beautiful views of the waterfall. Got pretty dirty and slipped a few times, but it was worth it! not far from the trailhead either, only about 15 minutes with getting lost about 200 times! Do not be deterred by the unmarked trail! just stick to the creek and you'll be fine