Anna McVay

The best thing about this hike is how much solitude one can get while doing it. Zion NP has many hikes within the main park where it's flooded with tourists. The Subway hike is not like this! It's remote and beautiful! I traveled here in May and started my hike near sunrise. I didn't encounter another hiker until my way back. This requires a little bit of rock scrambling and at times even on all fours (when climbing back up to the trailhead at the end of your hike). Bring plenty of room on your camera's SD card :)

I took the first shuttle in the morning (6 AM I believe) and the whole way there I was still 50/50 on whether I was actually going to go through with this hike. I ended up going and after reaching the top I definitely did not for one second think it was as bad as some of the video reviews made it out to be on YouTube. Maybe that's part of the scare tactic....others say how scary it is, etc. I feel like you're too focused on where to place your hands/feet that you don't really notice the drop offs. Honestly, try won't regret it! The views up top are absolutely amazing.

Aside from the views, I think the best thing about this hike is the amount of solitude one gets when hiking it. Many hikes in RMNP have you hiking with numerous tourists, but not so much this one. I started this hike around 6 AM on a late July morning and I don't think I encountered 10 people on my way once I was past The Loch. As you approach the last part before seeing Glass Lake/Sky Pond, you have to climb up Timerline Falls (100 ft. waterfall). Stay to the right of the falls and the rock scrambling isn't too hard....just the initial few steps. Once you have conquered Timberline, you'll come upon Glass Lake and then finally Sky Pond. Be aware, it is super (I mean super) windy up there. So worth the trek though!

The sheer size of the canyon walls that surround you is jaw dropping. I traveled here towards the end of May and definitely had large crowds around me during the hike. Water was cold but bearable. I'm 5'0" and the highest the water got on me was right under my chest. Bring a stick for balance and for checking depths around where you are thinking about stepping! :)