Angela Service

Swim under the Waterfall

I definitely recommend this adventure. It might get a little crowded at the falls, but not that many people swim in the pool under the falls. I highly recommend getting in the water here. Swimming under this waterfall was one of the coolest experiences and fondest memories from my trip.

almost 4 years ago

Not that great...

This was a long hike, flat hike and I feel like I didn't really get anything out of it. It actually felt like a waste of time. I think this is better suited for people 65 and older and that's exactly who we saw walking around here. The only cool part was the old dam and that is nothing compared to the many other amazing a beautiful places Kauai has to offer.

Spirit Falls

A portion of this hike has been closed to hikers recently as they have been accessing the falls through private property. If you head a little further up and drop down away from the signs you should be okay. Always use caution and know your limits as a hiker as this is off trail and a very steep slope down to the river.

Make sure you have plenty of gas in your car because the trail head is 14 miles off the main highway with nowhere to fuel up unless you go back the way you came. Also, during winter the gate is closed at the Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort adding 1.5 miles to the hike. But it is a short, beautiful hike through lush rainforest to a spectacular waterfall at the end.