Big Four Ice Caves

By: Andrew Hoang + Save to a List

I totally thought there were four ice caves but I was definitely wrong

We originally planned to go to Heybrook lookout due to shortage of time with my parents, but then we spontaneously decided this morning to go to Big Four Ice Caves, and it definitely was worth it. 

Some mist rolling in, lot's of rain, some great buds, and wayyyy too many photos added up to a great day. Started the morning off at Storyville for my favorite cold brew latte and pesto goat cheese breakfast sandwich (everyone needs to try this!!!) then headed off to Mountain Loop Highway. 

Decided to mess around with double exposures because my friend was shooting with a film camera and mentioned it. 

Mountain Loop Highway is probably one of the most beautiful roads I have driven on and it's pretty hard to beat it when there's this mist rolling in and everything gets this kind of great even lighting. 

The hike is short, very well maintained, family friend, and extremely easy to follow.

After the short hike and taking photos, I said bye to my parents and we headed back.

On the way back we hit a classic fav, McDanks (McDonald's, life's too short to lie and say that McDonald's isn't good when you're starving). 

And with that, we concluded our day and headed back to good ol' Ashton at SPU.

Enjoy the photos!

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