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Andreas Slette

a cool place to just come and walk around and check out but also a fun climb and rappel down. worth heading to.

Be in the right place at the right time and you'll be blown away.

A really cool area, with a few other campgrounds nearby.

Beautiful area full of adventure. skiing, hiking, jeeping. a special place

beautiful drive all year round

an absolutely wonderful trail run with stunning views and great trail. so much fun. I would recommend going down into the canyon from the parking lot and then finishing the trail along the rim back to the parking area.

great trail run with options of linking it up with other trails for more distance.

nice place, nice views, if you like to pay but not much then this place is good when dry. watch out for rainy and wet days/nights, thats when it becomes the unpleasant pit.

not bad...

really gorgeous lake/mountains. lots of fun for a casual or starting a longer hike.

really cool, and allows for some cool photography and an opportunity to play around with your camera.

and allows for some rad photos. classic mojave desert.

watch your step. i moved to the side as an elderly couple passed and got attacked by the jumping cactus, which is a well earned name, i didn't even get close to one, but sure enough i was picking spines out all day long. still worth 4 stars though

take a day and cross country ski up. you wont regret it, unless somehow you can't appreciate nature and exercise...

in the winter the trail is "groomed" by the ranch where the road ends. if cross country skiing, try to get going early as hikers and snow machines will wear down the snow all day long, but its an amazing ski both ways! so much fun!

fun little place. checked it out in the winter and it was cool, but i would much rather have been skiing.

gondola ride to the top seemed steep for this dirtbag but it was gorgeous and really cool up top.

lots of activities here where you can get out and explore so setting up here for a few days is nice. there is both campgrounds and dispersed camping further up the road toward hurrah pass.

really cool lookout and a great place to spend some time exploring and camping. views are great as you can see a long ways. i was visited by a ranger who asked some simple questions, because it is beginning to see a lot of traffic and they are keeping an eye on it, so make sure to be respectful and practice leave no trace.

This is a short but sweet and simple slot that is a great introduction. with 4x4 you can get very close access and do this slot without breaking a sweat, but it sure is beautiful and worth a little hiking if needed.

Absolutely gorgeous slots and hiking. great adventure linking up both slots. can easily be done non technically but be prepared for water in the upper fork. upper fork has some very special formations and sections. take a minute to research it online and call the owners of the private property and they will be willing to help you out a lot.

awesome place with lots of views. camping must take place 1/2 mile from the road so all the early spots are off limits, but when you get to the top of the butte a few side roads lead to plenty of cool camping spots. 4x4 is recommended, and the road has signs that label it as "impassible when wet"

super rad hike/climb/scramble/bushwhack/adventure. lots of fun and a cool way to avoid the crowds and escape from the sheeple. the middle emerald pools trail is closed because of landslides, but check with rangers and they will let you know if you can head up lady mountain.