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Amber McGeary

This is the hike I would take any friends or family members to. It's really breathtaking and has lots of different view points!

The previous comment is very correct, this trail kicks your butt in the beginning, However the view of the valley to your left is gorgeous! A couple things to note: 1. I did not see one person on this trail until I got to the campground (so peaceful and quiet) 2. Anytime there is a sign for Goat Hill + Campground...always go the campground route. I had to turn around several times because this was confusing. 3. When you get to the campground start heading down the main paved road (not the loop) Then, in order to get to the six bridges trail you have to veer to the left off the paved road and go on the fire road which will then lead you to the trail. The paper map that the park has did not show this very well. I found a sign later down the road that explained it. I’ll go ahead and attach a photo. Very shady all the way and you are mostly in the woods. Still cool!

I stopped along Highway 1 on my way to a hike! Great little spot that has parking and even a tiny gift shop. I really liked that it had various lookout points and the rock formations with the ocean made it even more breathtaking. It’s a bummer that it is chain link fenced off...but there are angles you can take photos of that hide that! Also, make sure to take a look at the date of the lighthouse embedded above the front door. I thought that was pretty neat. Definitely worth the stop.

This was a prefect little day hike for me in order to get out of the city. Parking is very easy and there are two different trailheads: one at the north end of the parking lot that leads you to cross highway 1 to go to the cove beach...and the other to go to the trail that ends up at Montara Beach. I decided to cross the road at the end of the hike to go to Montara beach and I sat and watched some surfers. Pretty cool. So if you need a easy, but beautiful little day hike. Do this! Also cool to see all the old cars pass by on the 1.