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Amber Borzel

It was a beautiful day to do this hike, being +17C and slightly cloudy with a slight breeze. We did the route going up the switchbacks to the different viewpoints and peaks, walking ‘down’ by the creek, waterfall and lake towards the parking lot. My friend and I who did this hike are recreational hikers and we didn’t experience too much difficulty doing this route. The incline was gradual throughout the ascent and the paths are well maintained and easy to navigate. There are also plenty of signs along the way to guide you along the right paths! All in in all, this was a great hike to do if you’re a beginner but do be prepared for sore feet because 15k is still 15k! Happy and safe adventuring everyone!

My friend and completed this hike yesterday and we had a good time doing it! This hike will definitely make you work for the views you’re going to get! My friend and I are regular hikers and have completed many intermediate/hard hikes, this was one of the most difficult trails I’ve done to date. Be prepared for a lot of scree (after you climb the first chimney it is almost all scree until you summit the peak and then again all the lower loop back until you are back on the wooded path. We also found this hike a difficult to navigate once you were scrambling as there are multiple ‘paths’ but most are random and not a part of the actual outlined trail. Usually this is no problem but the scree and the distance you’re scrambling across the Ridge, it gets challenging to ‘tell’ where the safe andwalked path of it is. All on all, we really enjoyed the hike but it took us almost double the time to completed hike because the paths were difficult to navigate - I highly recommend saving the directions or a map of the trail

Three family members and I did this hike to the fork and then continued to the right, up the challenging scramble to get to the outlook point on the Allstones Ridge. We are all quite active with only 1 new hiker with us but we still took multiple breaks and struggled at times with the scramble. The hike up is difficult in terms of elevation and some pretty uneven trail at times (for those like me with weak ankles - take it slow and watch your footing). But the challenge was absolutely worth it! There are lots of spots to take breaks with most of them also being a great opportunity to take a gorgeous photo! I highly recommend braving the elevation and mountain scramble but be prepared to work for the breathtaking views!

A friend and I did this hike and we were lucky enough to have sunshine! The hike is an easy 45min-1.5h hike depending on how much you stop for photos or sightseeing! Easy path to follow with signs and multiple places to stop and over look the falls and the rapids below. Make sure to get to the very end platform where you will be standing beside/above Siffleur Falls! Gorgeous sights and a great short day hike.

This hike was a beautiful and quite easy to complete. My fiancé and I went in July 2018 and it was a very sunny day, I would recommend bringing hats and sunscreen (and applying regularly) as in the afternoon this sun was right overhead with hardly a cloud in the sky. Other than getting some burnt shoulders, the hike was amazing. The walkways were easy to navigate, there are signs at all forks in the paths, and you get a very scenic view throughout a majority of the hike! My fiancé and I are novice hikers and this was a perfect hike in that there were quite a few rest areas, it was easy to navigate, and there was only a few areas of elevation to trek up. The falls are absolutely breathtaking and there are lots of perfect locations to take some beautiful photos throughout the rest of the hike. Would recommend this quick hike as a easier hike for any beginners or people looking for some beautiful scenic photos!

My boyfriend and I did this hike in the June 2017 and we absolutely loved it. We weren’t in the best of shape and this hike was one of our first hikes together. The day that we went was quite humid and foggy but the views were still amazing. A lot of the trail seems like you’re heading straight up and it really worked the leg muscles but the guide was very conscientious of stopping or slowing down for people who were having a hard time. We had the choice of taking a “short cut” which our guide deemed appropriate because there were 3 other people who were struggling. You do share the path with horses if some people decided to ride up the volcano so some parts of the trail were in rougher shape than others. However, I would definitely recommend this trail if you have the time!