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I finished the hike this morning, and it was beautiful. The snow along the trail and surrounding views made it extra special. A couple things to note, if you choose to come in the winter it is very muddy and slick in some areas, so wearing chains or good hiking shoes is a must. There’s also a $10.00 entrance fee when you park.

This is nice paved trail that directly goes around the lake. There's a dock, boat ramp, beach and even a dog park around it. Plenty of parking. Sunrise here is BEAUTIFUL. If you're in the area, it's definitely worth doing but I wouldn't go far out of my way for this.

Loved this lighthouse and how easy it was to access it. The trail to get there is very flat and short. It's in the forrest so not much scenery other than the lighthouse itself, but it's worth the stop.

A big reason people come to this park is because of the wild ponies, and they are often seen on this trail. Saw about fifteen ponies bunched together and a ton of egrets. But be sure to bring bug spray, this trail was covered with mosquitos.

If you're going to go to Jockey's Ridge, you have to swing by the sound side. It gives a unique perspective to Outerbanks and shows gorgeous views of the open sky. I've visited a handful of times, and I swing by this specific section every time.

If you're looking for a "quiet" section of Outerbanks, this is a good place to come. The southern marsh trails were beautiful and there wasn't a lot of people we passed. Saw a handful of beautiful egrets and turtles. Great place to stop for a bit and explore.

Hi all! Wanted to update some information on how to visit these lighthouses because some things have changed in the past few years. The lighthouses are located on an active military base and an active ID is required to get on. If you do not have an active ID, you MUST take the tour shuttle that is offered. In addition to this, all climbers now must be at least 42” tall. Adults are not permitted to carry children. General Admission prices have increased to $14 for a combination ticket of both lighthouses (climb included). The lighthouses are well worth the trip, this just now requires a little more planning. For additional information on the shuttle and other regulations please visit: https://preservationvirginia.org/historic-sites/cape-henry-lighthouse/#plan-your-visit before your journey. Happy exploring!

Yorktown is a great place to spend a whole day exploring. Beautiful place for photographs and cute stores to stop in. Be sure to check out the surrounding nature trails, there's numerous in the area good for all ages!

I've walked around this lake during the spring, summer and winter. All four season offer a unique perspective to the lake. Winter was a personal favorite because the lake was frozen over and it was a beautiful sight. This is a great trail for all activity levels and ages.

We went in the summer and it was perfect. Most people who went up to the lake were fishing. Dog friendly, beautiful views. Would absolutely do it again.

Great roadside stop. We went into the “Palette” to explore a bit and it was awesome. The only thing I’ll say is in order to see the colors well, go during sunrise or sunset. We went during the peak of the day when the sun was bright, and the colors weren’t as noticeable or vibrant.

Very easy walk, great little pit stop to see beautiful views

Absolutely beautiful. The little bit of water made everything very reflective. Went in December which was a great time because it wasn’t ridiculously hot like normal.

You can get to a high section of the hike and see the beautiful stars and night sky without taking the last half mile to the tip. Wouldn't recommend going passed the point where there's warning signs if you're an inexperience hiker because this part of the hike can be very dangerous, especially at night. If you prepare properly with lights, proper gear and take your time, you should be fine.

Very easy mild hike. We were able to finish everything a little over an hour. If you like going on trails with nobody around this is the hike to take. I went at 1:00pm on a Saturday in July and had the whole trail to myself. When you get to the top, make sure you explore/get on the rocks to the left in order to see the best view. If you're in the area, this is a great hike to do, but I wouldn't come here if you are traveling long distance.

Don't let the 8.8 miles keep you away from this hike - it's really not as bad as it seems! The first three miles are a breeze. The last 1.2 miles are a little harder but nothing extremely challenging. Very photogenic area, good hammocking spots at the top as well. Highly recommend going sunrise or early. This is one of the most popular hikes in the state so it gets busy really fast. PARKING - is another reason to get there early. THE LOT HAS LIMITED SPACE AND FILLS QUICKLY.

Beautiful trail/falls! This is a VERY popular area so go early to avoid crowds. The guided path takes you along the river to both of the falls and it’s very easy for all ages. There’s a natural cave you can walk through to get really close to Lower Falls to make this place even more special.

Easy to access along with parking. Right along the road making it a great quick stop to add when you’re driving.

Mild hike - but there are a lot of steps. The top was astounding and well worth it. Awesome opportunity for some amazing pictures. The storm shelter at the top is pretty big and even has a fireplace in it. Side note: We actually discovered a plane crash from 1943 off the side of this mountain and it's about fifteen minutes away from the top. Very cool!

This is definitely a park to come to when you have more than a couple hours available. Really big and a great day trip with the family! Currently it's a 15.00 dollar entrance fee per person which is a little pricey. But all springs are beautiful and clear. And on another positive note, I had at least 5 turtles swim past me at different times! So cool!

Pros and cons: Pros - You WILL see manatees and it is MAGICAL. Make sure you go in the winter because they are everywhere! I found better luck getting closer to them in a kayak. However, swimming with them you get a better viewing. The water is AMAZINGLY clear as long as you don't stir up the sand at the bottom. Cons: Some sections of Three Sister Springs are often blocked off due to sanctuaries for the manatees (rightfully so). However, many manatees will hide in these sanctuaries meaning no interaction. If you choose to do a tour, be careful with which one you sign up for. Many tours go in big groups where everyone goes to the same spot. If there's too many people or too much commotion, the manatees will not approach the group. If you have an open mind - you will have a wonderful time. If you plan on touching a manatee or have one play with you, you might be in for a disappointment. Keep in mind these are wild animals and a personal interaction might not always happen - tour or no tour.

What makes this place so unique is there's no set path once you reach the marbleyard and it's a very easy trail to get there. Once you get to the marbleyard you can choose to start climbing the rocks at the bottom or you can follow a path to the side of the mountain and jump in at any given time. Very fun playground for all ages - but be very careful!

Super fun! It is a little difficult to find though. If you're driving in the direction of Devils Marbleyard parking on your left it will soon come up on the stream located on the right. If you start driving up and around the mountain you've gone too far.

Very steep hike but well worth it. Fun trail on your way up. If you want to opt out of the steep hike you can choose to take an easier trail but it's a little more than double the time. This is a very popular hike so leave early to avoid it being crowded!