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Alex Harrison

Chicago area-Photographer

Catch a Sunset at the America Dock, Isle Royale NP

Houghton Township, Michigan

0.6 mi

Explore Balcony House

Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado

0.5 mi

Hike Scoville Point, Isle Royale NP

Houghton Township, Michigan

4 mi

Catch a Sunset at Hokneson Fishery

Bayfield, Wisconsin

0.16 mi / 11 ft gain

Hike the Cedar Sink Trail

Brownsville, Kentucky

1.6 mi / 333 ft gain

Hike Island Trail

Free Soil, Michigan

4 mi

Hike to Lookout Louise

Houghton Township, Michigan

2 mi

Hike Pyramid Point Trail

Maple City, Michigan

2.8 mi / 570 ft gain

Hike Bay View Trail, Big Bay State Park

La Pointe, Wisconsin

2.6 mi

Hike to Big Glen Lookout

Empire, Michigan

4.4 mi