Alex Burke

Please respect this place

I agree that this waterfall is absolutely amazing, but we should all keep in mind that one of the reasons it's so wonderful is because no one knows about it. Without a proper trail, this location could be subject to severe land erosion if there's additional foot traffic, along with the fact that there's no room to park additional vehicles. So yes, by all means enjoy the place if you get the chance but please respect this land and the land of the private residences around these falls. The last thing we want is the place getting shut off because of excess traffic and visitors that don't follow leave no trace principles. While I wish places like this would remain quiet and reserved for those who found out by old fashioned methods like word-of-mouth, I also understand the desire for bragging rights to be the first to write a detailed blog post about it. Well the cat's out of the bag now, so the best we can do is give our utmost respect to this beautiful location and treat it delicately. Let's keep Mystic Falls beautiful!