The Best Outdoor Activities in Alabama

Discover the best hiking, camping, backpacking, fitness, and more.

Cliff Jump at High Falls Park

Alabama / High Falls Park

This park is fairly small and definitely off the beaten path on Alabama's back roads, so be sure to pay attention to which streets you're on.

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Hike to Stephens Gap

Alabama / Stephens Gap Trailhead

The hike is 2 miles round trip. It starts from the open space where you park. (Details on where to park when you email in the permit). There is a sign labeled as the trailhead.

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Cliff Jump at Acapulco Rock (Chimney Rock)

Alabama / Acapulco Rock

Acapulco Rock is a great spot for cliff jumping for all ages. There are plenty of spots to jump from varying heights. Acapulco Rock (also referred to as Chimney Rock) is accessible only by water.

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Photograph Noccalula Falls

Alabama / Noccalula Falls

Noccalula Falls is definitely beautiful from the top, however, you can really get an idea of the pure power of this waterfall by finding your way to the bottom.

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Hike to Pulpit Rock

Alabama / Pulpit Rock Trailhead

Atop a rocky perch on the side of Mt. Cheaha (the highest point in Alabama), you'll have a breathtaking view and ample opportunities for photography.

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Explore Little River Falls

Alabama / Little River Falls

Little River Falls is a popular site within the Little River Canyon National Preserve, a 12 mile long, 600 ft deep canyon.

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Hike to King's Chair

Alabama / Oak Mountain State Park North Trailhead

The pin leads you to the parking lot of Oak Mountain State Park. To get into Oak Mountain State Park there is a $5 fee.

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Climb Sand Rock

Alabama / Cherokee Rock Village

Sand Rock is a unique set of rock outcropping that erupts from Shinbone Ridge overlooking scenic Lake Weiss.

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Hike to the Base of DeSoto Falls

Alabama / Desoto Falls Hike Pull-Off

The main visitor entrance to DeSoto Falls in Mentone, AL provides easy, paved trails along the upper rim of the falls.

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Trail Run to Skyhy Tree House at Red Mountain Park

Alabama / Red Mountain Parking

From the park entrance there are several ways to get to Skyhy Tree House, and the trail system allows for loops of varying distances and difficulty.

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Hike to Ruffner Mountain's Hawk's View Overlook

Alabama / Ridge and Valley Trailhead

Park at the little league baseball fields that are across the road from the access point where the trail meets the road on the southeastern corner of the preserve that you can see on the map.

Hike to Peavine Falls

Alabama / Peavine Trailhead

The Peavine falls parking is located at the pin. You can also follow signs to the South Trailhead and from there, follow signs to Peavine Falls.

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Backpack to McDill Point

Alabama / Cheaha Trailhead

Start hiking at Cheaha Trailhead, located at the far end of a parking area just before you get to Cheaha State Park on Highway 281.

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Camp at Sand Rock

Alabama / Cherokee Rock Village

We camped in a rooftop tent, but many people used traditional tents and hammocks. After purchasing a camping permit, drive right up to your campsite. There are three general camping areas.

Swim at Martha's Falls

Alabama / Little River Falls Canyon Parking

Martha Falls, formerly known as Little Falls and the “Hippie Hole” by the locals, is a popular swimming hole a part of Little River Canyon National Preserve, located along the state line of Alabama a.

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Take in the View from Bald Rock in Cheaha State Park

Alabama / Bald Rock Trailhead

Bald Rock is maybe the most easily accessible views I have ever experienced.

Exploring Moss Rock Preserve

Alabama / Moss Rock Preserve

Home to one of the largest boulder fields in Southeast, Moss Rock Preserve provides adventure for all types of explorers.

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Hike to Falling Rock Falls

Alabama / Falling Rock Falls Trailhead

The location of the pin leads you to a gravel road with a gated entrance. Park at the white gate and start to hike up the gravel road.

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Hike to Upper Caney Creek Falls

Alabama / Caney Creek Falls Trailhead

This short trail drops into the Caney Creek Canyon, hitting the waterfall in just 1 mile.

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Hike to the Smith Mountain Fire Tower (Lake Martin)

Alabama / Smith Mountain Fire Tower Trail

The Smith Mountain Fire Tower is the perfect location to get a glimpse of the vastness of one of the largest man made lakes in the United States.

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Canoe and Cliff Jump at Lake Nicol

Alabama / Lake Nicol Parking Area

Lake Nicol has several miles of unofficial trails that circle the west bank of the lake which features up to forty foot cliffs that provide both cliff jumping and an excellent view of the lake.

Kayak the Cahaba River

Alabama / Cahaba River

There are several places you can drop your kayak in. This is one of the more accessible spots. Another popular spot for dropping in your kayak is located on Grants Mill Road.

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Hike to Dismals Canyon Falls

Alabama / Dismals Canyon Falls

This is a short and pretty trail, great for the whole family. Glowworms, called dismalites, are a special attraction in the summer. There is a $10 fee for adults, $6.75 for kids.

Bouldering at Moss Rock Preserve

Alabama / Moss Rock Boulder Field Trailhead

Moss Rock has abundant parking, and easy access to all climbing areas.

Hike to the Sipsey Wilderness Waterfalls

Alabama / Sipsey Wilderness

The 25,000-acre Sipsey Wilderness is a landscape of canyons, ravines, sandstone cliffs, and, most notably, waterfalls.

Hike to Cheaha Falls

Alabama / Chinnabee Silent Trailhead

In Cheaha State Park, head west on Chinnabee Silent Trail. You will reach the falls in just 0.75 miles, but be cautious due to slippery rocks.

Climb at Palisades Park

Alabama / Palisades Park

Palisades Park is a great place for beginners and advanced climbers. Following the pin, the crag is easily accessible from the parking lot.

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Bouldering Horse Pens 40

Alabama / Horse Pens 40

Horse Pens 40 is a very well known place for bouldering throughout Alabama. The parking and location arepretty well-marked with signs as you get closer to arriving.

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Mountain Bike at Oak Mountain State Park

Alabama / Oak Mountain State Park South Trailhead

Oak Mountain State Park has some great mountain biking for all ages and all skill levels.

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SCUBA Dive at Blue Water Quarry

Alabama / blue water park

Blue water park is a popular diving location tucked away off a main highway in a central Alabama town named Pelham.

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Hike the Walls of Jericho

Alabama / Walls of Jericho

Around 5pm, we hiked down the only clearly marked trail that departs from the parking lot.

Mountain Bike in Chewacla SP

Alabama / Southwest Trail

Few places in the southeast have as wide a range of mountain biking as CSP, which includes standard XC trails, a well groomed and extensive dirt jump area, flow trails, and a wicked feature area comp.

Drive the Covered Bridge Trail in Blount County

Alabama / Easley Covered Bridge

I'll be honest, I've gotten a little caught up (obsessed) in the Overland hype the past few weeks and wanted to get out and explore.

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Visit the Coon Dog Cemetery

Alabama / Coon Dog Cemetery

Located in "the middle of nowhere" the Coon Dog Cemetery is a great picnic spot for your road trip, on a scenic road that will let you bypass a portion of the bland interstate.

Run at Jemison Park

Alabama / Jemison Park

Jemison Park is a 54-acre green space located in historic Mountain Brook.

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Hike through Hurricane Creek Park

Alabama / Hurricane Creek

There are two access points to the park from the Parking lot area.

Run at Railroad Park in Downtown Birmingham

Alabama / Railroad Park Parking

In many ways, Railroad Park has become a symbol for the revitalization of downtown Birmingham, and it’s helping to ignite a new excitement for the city.

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Bike to Sloss Furnace from Railroad Park

Alabama / Railroad Park Parking

Sloss Furnace is a historic industrial site in downtown Birmingham. For nearly a hundred years, this blast furnace produced iron for the “Steel City.

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