Run to Hopper's Hands

San Francisco / Fort Point

Hundreds of people touch Hopper's Hands every day as a turn-around point on their runs in and around Crissy Field and The San Francisco Bay Trail.

241 Saves
~5 miles away

Surf Under The Golden Gate at Fort Point

San Francisco / Fort Point

This has to one of the coolest spots to surf in the world. The break itself is a left point that requires a healthy swell to wrap into the bay, and only gets good on occasion.

229 Saves
~5 miles away

Ride Paradise Loop

San Francisco / Paradise Loop

Riding this loop has long been a popular option for San Franciscan riders looking to escape the busy city streets.

354 Saves
~5 miles away

Take a Swim at Aquatic Park

San Francisco / Aquatic Park

Take an early morning swim and watch the sunrise over the east bay or catch an afternoon swim on a sunny SF day.

172 Saves
~5 miles away

Run the Coit Tower Stairs

San Francisco / Greenwich Stairs

There are 2 sets of stairs for Coit Tower on Sansome St. The first set is at Greenwich and the second is at Filbert. The Filbert steps are a little deeper per step and are mostly wood and concrete.

763 Saves
~5 miles away

Catch a Sunset Overlooking Mussel Rock

San Francisco / Mussel Rock Parking Area

Mussel rock, a three-story, 50 million year old rock that has been carried some 500 miles northwest from Southern California, is where the San Andreas fault meets the Pacific Ocean.

153 Saves
~5 miles away

Camp at Kirby Cove

San Francisco / Kirby Cove Campground

Yes, you can camp just over the Golden Gate! Kirby Cove Campground has 4 overnight campsites and 1 picnic area for day use.

417 Saves
~6 miles away

Hike Kirby Cove

San Francisco / Kirby Cove Road

This scenic hike is a 1.8 mile out-and-back trail located near Sausalito, CA. From the trail and beach, you'll get scenic of the Golden Gate, San Francisco's skyline, and glimpses of the East Bay.

842 Saves
~6 miles away

Catch a Sunrise at Hawk Hill

San Francisco / Hawk Hill

If you're leaving from SF, head over the bridge and exit onto Alexander Ave. Make the immediate left under the overpass and you'll be on the road to Hawk Hill.

559 Saves
~6 miles away

Ride to the Top of this Scenic Viewpoint

San Francisco / Hawk Hill

If you're looking to ride and to get a great view of the city but and want more than to just ride the Golden Gate, then this is for you.

224 Saves
~6 miles away

Hiking Through the Marin Headlands

San Francisco / Vista Viewpoint

The headlands offer great views of the Golden Gate Bridge. You can make the Vista Viewpoint you're starting off point to leave your car or if you're riding, just stop in and enjoy the view.

602 Saves
~6 miles away

Headlands Ride to Point Bonita Lighthouse

San Francisco / Marin Headlands

The Headlands are a quick ride over the Golden Gate. On the ride, you'll see wildflowers, rugged coastline, and the Point Bonita Lighthouse.

409 Saves
~7 miles away

Picnic on Black Sands Beach

San Francisco / Black Sands Beach (Marin)

Black Sand Beach is a beautiful, mile-long stretch of black sand just north of the Golden Gate Bridge.

738 Saves
~7 miles away

Marin Headlands Trail Loop

San Francisco / Marin Headlands Trail via Coastal Trail

This trail starts at the Coastal Trail in Marin Headlands Park, where there's a small parking lot and outhouse bathroom off the circle when coming from Conzelman Road.

68 Saves
~7 miles away

Trail Running on the Ninja Loop

San Francisco / Coastal Trail (Ninja Loop)

This loop can start from several different locations, including Rodeo Beach and the Golden Gate Bridge parking lot. Starting from the GGB will add 2 more miles onto this run.

127 Saves
~7 miles away

Explore WWII Ruins on Point Bonita

San Francisco / Point Bonita

All throughout the Marin Headlands are WWII-era bunkers, batteries and ruins, including a complex on the hillside above the Point Bonita Lighthouse that provide amazing views of San Francisco, the Go.

426 Saves
~7 miles away

Run Slacker Hill

San Francisco / Coastal Trail (Slacker Hill)

Although the Headlands can be crowded, particularly at the parking-lot chaos of the Vista Point and pull-offs along Conzelman Road, the three routes leading to the summit of Slacker Hill remain relat.

325 Saves
~7 miles away

Hike Rodeo Cove to Point Bonita Lighthouse

San Francisco / Marin Headlands Visitor Center

If you're looking for a little hike and a lot of beach, you'll find your ideal combo at Rodeo Beach and Point Bonita Lighthouse. Park at the Marin Headlands Visitor Center at the head of the 0.

347 Saves
~7 miles away

Hike the Coastal Trail from Rodeo Beach to Muir Beach

San Francisco / Rodeo Beach

This hike has beautiful views in the Marin Headlands. You'll find easy parking in the Rodeo Beach Parking lot if you get there early (by 8:30 am).

169 Saves
~8 miles away

Hike the Hill 88 Loop

San Francisco / Fort Cronkhite - Rodeo Beach

This quick, yet challenging trail run is located just minutes north of the Golden Gate Bridge.

292 Saves
~8 miles away