Hike Mount Davidson

San Francisco / Mount Davidson

Mount Davidson Park is located in the southwestern part of the city nestled between Diamond Heights and Portola Dr.

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Hike up Twin Peaks

San Francisco / Twin Peaks Trailhead

There are a ton of ways to get here (and obviously that can affect the total distance) but this is starting from Crestline and make sure you don't take any of the less-traveled trials.

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Bouldering at Glen Canyon Park

San Francisco / Glen Canyon Park

Want to get out of the climbing gym, and do some bouldering in the city? Head to Glen Canyon park! After you park the car, take a short hike on a shade-covered path to the boulders.

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Catch a Sunset at Twin Peaks

San Francisco / Twin Peaks Summit

Most locals have heard of Twin Peaks, so if you hop in an Uber or Taxi you should be just fine. If not or you are driving yourself, head for Twin Peaks Boulevard, then just follow it to the top.

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Catch a Sunset at Grand View Park ("Turtle Hill")

San Francisco / Grand View Park, San Francisco

A recipe for happiness in the "cool grey city of love.

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Hike Mt. Sutro Open Space Reserve

San Francisco / Mt. Sutro's Fairy Gates Trail

The Mount Sutro Open Space hike is one of those gems that's just hiding in plain site.

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Run the 16th Avenue Tiled Steps

San Francisco / 16th Avenue Tiled Steps

The 16th Avenue Tiled Steps are an impressive community achievement, and an equally killer workout.

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Swing at Billy Goat Hill

San Francisco / Bill Goat Hill

Billy Goat Hill Park is located in the Glen Park neighborhood of San Francisco. The park has street parking at the top of the park on Beacon Street or at the base of the park on Ladley Street.

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A Secret Hike & Picnic With A View at Tank Hill

San Francisco / Tank Hill

Looking for a cool, under-the-radar spot that’s perfect for picnics, chilling out, and chasing the sunset? Look no further than Tank Hill.

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Take a Ride on the Secret Slides

San Francisco / Seward Street Slides

Tucked away in a small neighborhood park in Eureka Valley is a set of really fun, slippery, and surprisingly steep concrete slides.

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6-Mile Run up Twin Peaks and Mt. Sutro

San Francisco / Stanyan St & Parnasus Ave

Are you thinking, hit up two of the bigger peaks in SF, what a great idea? Well, you thought right! The first mile and a half is uphill as you charge to the top of Twin Peaks.

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Photograph San Francisco by Night from Corona Heights Park

San Francisco / Corona Heights Park Entrance

Corona Heights Park is a park located north of the Castro and South of Buena Vista Park.

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Trail Run in Golden Gate Park

San Francisco / Strawberry Hill - Golden Gate Park

Strawberry Hill is one of the hidden gems of Golden Gate Park. It is named after the once abundant strawberry fields that inhabited the island.

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Climb Beaver Street Wall

San Francisco / Beaver Street Wall

Beaver Street Wall is one of the few places to climb in the San Francisco city limits. The 45 ft. tall wall is located in the Corona Heights neighborhood, just north west of Market St.

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Park Day at Dolores Park

San Francisco / Dolores Park

If the sun is shining, and you’re in the mood for playing around with friends in one of SF’s many amazing parks, Dolores should be at the top of your list.

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Boat in Golden Gate Park

San Francisco / Stow Lake

Not too many people know that you can rent a rowboat at Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park, but you can.

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Capture Sweeping City Views From Bernal Heights Hill

San Francisco / Bernal Heights Hill

Bernal Heights Parks is an excellent week night adventure for those who need an escape from the city. Sit atop this small, grassy peak in peace and look out over the San Francisco skyline.

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Ride Single Track in McLaren

San Francisco / McLaren Park

Beyond McLaren's family friendly playgrounds and picnic areas, there are miles of single track to explore.

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Practice Fly Casting at the Golden Gate Angling & Casting Club

San Francisco / Golden Gate Angling & Casting Club

The golden gate casting pools are a hidden gem in the park located on the other side of JFK from the Buffalo Paddock. Here you can practice your fly casting basics or pick up new forms casting (i.e.

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Enjoy a Dog Friendly Beach Day

San Francisco / Fort Funston

Fort Funston is an SF gem I discovered when looking for a dog friendly hike near the city.

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