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Explore Namibia's vast & dramatic Namib Desert & Skeleton Coast by air

Namibia's desolate & vast Skeleton Coast is both unique & dramatic, on the fringe of the neverending Namib desert one of the best ways to see this truly epic landscape is by scenic flight

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Exploring Namibia's Namib Desert and Skeleton coast is no small feat, distances here are significant as are the temperature variations & scenic diversity.  As a photographer I wanted to capture as much as I could including seeing some of the more remote Skeleton Coast shipwrecks which typically take hours of driving to visit.

I felt one of the best ways to experience this amazing land was by air so took a 2 hr scenic flight, departing from the touristy little coastal town of Swakopmund.  I was not disappointed and its absolutely recommended if you happen to visit this remote and beautiful part of the world.

Classic crescent shaped dunes stretch into the distance

Nambia's Skeleton Coast holds an unwelcome reputation as one of the most treacherous in the world, the vast dunes of the Namib desert form this coastline with the undersea sand shifting as it would on land, particularly perilous to sailors of the past

The many shipwrecks that line this spectacular coast are a reminder of its inherent danger, the hulks of these ghostly vessels are slowly being consumed by the sea & land forming stark contrasts to the surroundings

The ghostly & iconic Eduard Bohlen's final resting place & juxtaposition seemingly deep inland

The vast Namib desert is one of the oldest and most diverse in the world, seeing it from above truly provides a unique perspective & overwhelms with its neverending horizons

Patterns & shapes formed by the landscape and low sun

These are the tallest and most majestic dunes in the world climbing to over 1200ft, in the heart of the desert lies the striking Sossusvlei, a stunning contrast of towering dunes and salt pans

The crest of one of the tallest dunes on the planet

Its hard to put words to such a surreal, spellbinding & magnificent landscape - nowhere else in the world have I seen such magnificent colors, contrasts & textures.

The Namib Desert's dramatic geology & environs



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