Adrian Pickup

    Nice Hike But Exposed To The Sun

    My wife and I hiked this 7.2 mile out-and-back route in July. The trail is lovely but exposed to the sun the whole way as a result of old wildfires. Take plenty of water! The view from the top is worth the effort and the lookout is really scenic. Good cellphone coverage the whole route if you want to stay connected.

    Secluded Swimming Spot With Amazing Views

    Worth the short hike to get to this spot. Beautiful waters surrounded by incredible views. Watch out for the sharp rocks though - really hard on bare feet and potentially dangerous underwater rocks for those planning to jump in.

    A beautiful hike

    My wife and I hiked this trail on a beautiful day in early September. We started late (1pm) so only made it to the saddle overlooking hidden lake and then turned around. It was totally worth it. The views got progressively more amazing the higher that we climbed. This hike crosses beautiful woodland then alpine meadows, then rocky tundra. We took our time climbing up as there were so many wildflowers and fungi to spot. There were Pika everywhere on the upper slopes - easy to hear but difficult to spot. Highly recommend this hike. Allow 3-4 hours up, 2 hours down.

    Nice Views But Crowded And Under-maintained

    My wife and I hiked this route on a sunny day at the beginning of September. The parking lot was full with a lot of people on the trail. Although we enjoyed the hike we found it overcrowded. There were lots of families which is great but then the trail is not well maintained and can be dangerously slippy and scrambly in places, particularly near the top. It would be really easy to get hurt here, especially on the way down. Wooden steps that would once have been safe have been eroded and now have gaping holes between them. Wooden slats slope away and are covered in gravel. It's an accident waiting to happen. There were lots of dogs on the trail and so lots of dog poop - not many owners seemed interested in cleaning up their animals' droppings. I wouldn't recommend this trail to anyone - hike another one close by for similar views in a nicer, safer setting.