Adam Stickler

Cliff Jump

“Jumping Rock” is located at the East Palisades on the Chat River. Definitely worth checking out. It’s a good ways past EP30 but keep hiking and you’ll find it. It’s a safe jump one from 30 feet and the other from 25 feet.

Old Mill Ruins

This can be either a simple walk in the woods or you can explore the ruins up close and personal! Great spot for photography and if you cross over the river there are more ruins that are large on the other side.

Cliff Jumping Hidden Cave and Rope Swing

Great place to go for a day of adventuring! There is a 20ft cliff to jump off of past the falls on the right and if you go a bit further there is a rope swing. You can swim at the base of the waterfall and if you look hard enough towards the center of the falls there is a hidden cave big enough to hold 5 people if you walk through the water.