Aaron D.

over 5 years ago

Makes you realize how much beauty there is around you.

One word, breathtaking. There's ample parking and the hike is straightforward. Bring a good amount of water! And if you're just using your phone to take photos, try to get a hold of the selfie-stick. As much as I hate that thing (when used in crowded public spaces) it will really help you get some great angles. Be careful around the edges cause there are some loose rocks and also gaps you can slip in to. This is only minutes away from the Antelope Canyon so you'll be able to visit both these locations the same day.

Can't not get a great photo!

After seeing all the beautiful images online, I knew I had to see it for myself. For those who don't know, the Antelope Canyon was made famous because of photographers. And it's near impossible to get a bad photo. Everyone should add this location to their list.

A relaxing end

This is a great hike for those looking for a fun trail that's not just dry and plain. Most people park at the entrance lot but if you drive a little past that entrance, you'll see a pull-out section just ahead (which allows parking) and you'll have access to cut through most of the boring parts of this hike. Once you get on the trail, go past/under the bridge and that's where you'll see the first set of small waterfalls. That's not it--keep going past that and you'll experience some rocky terrain. About a half mile from that point you will end at the main waterfall where you can take a break, reboot and relax at the falls. You pretty much have the option to stick to the trail path or wander on your own without going far off the main trail. You'll see a flowing river that runs parallel to most of the trail path. One the way back, my group and I decided to make this hike a little more challenging by hiking through the river. Hopping from rock-to-rock, trying not to get your feet wet--you'll encounter some beautiful scenery of clear water banks. This is a dog friendly hike (just keep dogs on leash) and the reason why I didn't rate this hike a full 5 stars is because people seem to disregard the rules. I completely understand that there are many well trained dogs that don't need to be on a leash but out of respect and safety to the other dogs and people around us, please follow the simple rules. I've encountered many owners walking their dogs off-leash, they're just running around and causing my (and a couple others') dog to get overly excited making it difficult when it shouldn't be. All-in-all, this is a great hike that's fairly easy. Make it moderate by going through the river and just following it through! You can't get lost.