Quaint And Convenient

Did this trail (or attempted) this evening with my boyfriend, friend, and our two dogs. Didn't pay any attention to the navigation instructions here and forgot to take a photo of the trail map. Made it to the barbed wire fence and saw a handful of deer when the thunder began. We turned back to avoid being rained on but will definitely come back because it is beautiful and in a nice location. Only regret is not bringing bug spray!

Best View East Of The Mississippi

This hike may be short, but it is the most beautiful hike on this side of the country. There are two different routes. If you head left from the parking lot it is a bit longer but a much easier ascent. If you head right and follow a trail straight up the mountain it is shorter but very strenuous. We have done both for the heck of it a few times. The best part is seeing all the dogs have a blast. They love running around on the summit. Highly recommend. It's a bit of a drive from Asheville but so incredibly worth it.

Can't Wait To Go Back!

We hiked this beautiful and easy trek to skinny dip last spring. Water was freezing cold and absolutely stunning. I love that it's dog friendly. My only complaint was that it was very crowded so early in the season and there was a lot of trash and littering. Please please please always leave no trace!