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Reghan Gillman

I'm a student at CU Boulder who lives for spontaneous adventure!

I love this park, I always make a point to visit whenever I'm back home in Texas. It is worth mentioning thought that swimming is strictly prohibited in this section of the park. If you want to swim, move downstream!

Fairly easy hike for a great view. Last time I did this we also saw a beaver! Lots of wildlife so be on the lookout.

I absolutely love this hike! I grew up doing the Window hike with my dad when I was young, and every time I return to Big Bend I always make a point to hike the Window. The first part can be deceiving since you're going downhill, so prepare yourself for a total uphill hike on the way back.

Not gonna lie, you definitely have to work for this one! But it is totally worth it. People with children probably shouldn't attempt to reach the falls, as the hike down is extremely tricky. I did this hike in summer, so it was very muggy and hot. As the author suggested, I bet fall would be a wonderful time to visit!

I did this hike when I backpacked Iceland this summer, and it was definitely one of the highlights of the trip! Spectacular views with great geological history!

For absolute solitude, make sure to go early in the morning!