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Takes 15 minutes to get to the downtown overlook. As Emma said, go left at the fork where it says "to trails" and 5 minutes later you'll reach more signs. Follow the overlook one for about 5 minutes to get to the first overlook, Cambrian, which gives you a good view of the quarry. About 5 more minutes past that you'll reach the overlook that gives the awesome view of downtown! The trails throughout here are nice enough for anyone wanting to do a little trail running.

Best of the Waterfalls around northern Alabama I've seen so far.

The pictures on here don't do it justice. Maybe because it's been raining so much, but there were a lot more water falls to see than just that one. And you could jump from basically anywhere.

A man's best friend should have a proper burial.

I did the Easley bridge and the Horton Hill one. Nice little photo spots for my Jeep as well!

Nice little park and trail systems. Nothing fancy, but it has some neat overlooks and is well maintained. There's a nice little adventure park within that has zip lines and a high ropes course.